In a world of reboots, it's apparently White Men Can't Jump's turn...
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Come on, how can you beat this one...

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PenguinPubes14 months
This looks fricking horrible
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Geaux6214 months
Monty Python and the Temple of Doom?
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SomeLSUguy14 months
To whoever had the brilliant idea to reboot this... your mom is an astronaut.
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jp4lsu14 months
Hollywood has lost all creativity the last 15 yrs. Reboots everywhere, trying to capture the 40-50 yr old audience and pull in the 20 to 30s who have heard of the old ones.
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Napoleon14 months
Jack Harlow is white?
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BGLAVI214 months
Hollywood reboot's have doubled down on themselves. They now are picking only at what was marginal/profitable. No-one wants to see this. Dropping back in on these characters makes no sense. Same with [sorry] Top Gun.
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PeleofAnalytics14 months
The new Top Gun was not a reboot.
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bcoop19914 months
All this does is make me more worried they'll remake BTTF one day.
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epicopt11614 months
Hey I got a good one!
“Black men cant be fathers” that one could win an Oscar! But they are right basketball is cooler
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blueboxer111914 months
Seems racist to me.
Id rather watch "black men cant do school".
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JackieTreehorn14 months
I want to watch something new like Black Men Can’t Swim. That wouldn’t offend anyone.
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pkf4lsu14 months
Will NEVER be as good as the original
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BowDownToLSU14 months
Geez RT is gonna have a field day with this trash
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JakeFromStateFarm14 months
Boy I can’t wait to not watch that garbage
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HogBalls14 months
fricking cringe
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CanebreakCajun14 months
Remakes, sequels and prequels. Sad.
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy14 months
Creativity is at an all time low in Hollywood
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idlewatcher14 months
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texag714 months
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