'Suns in four!' Fan Gets His Own Amazing Action Figure
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Remember this Suns fan who clobbered a Nuggets fan in the seats last week? Well, he's become a legend...

Suns star Devin Booker even got him tickets...
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4x4tiger32 months
Thug Friar looked like he took something out of his pants and put in his fist before his sucker punch. Got what he deserved
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Perse32 months
It looks like he was putting his mask in his pocket before trying to sucker punch the guy.
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TOSOV32 months
What's the whole 4 thing about?
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root canal32 months
Suns win series in 4 prediction.
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imjustafatkid32 months
Dude sucker punched him and got what he deserved.
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Catahoula20LSU32 months
The guy that tried the sucker punch got his hat handed to him. Sometimes there is justice.
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Nguyener32 months
Our society is retarded
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Rosenblatt32 months
Lol the messican dude tried to sucker punch him and got his arse kicked Love it
user avatar
Zchlsu32 months
Poor guy with the friar haircut
user avatar
Wolfhound4532 months
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MSTiger3332 months
That is sort of amazing
user avatar
Pecker32 months
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