Suns Fan And Nuggets Fan Exchange Haymakers In Stands
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More than a few fists flying and landing here between this Suns and Nuggets fans last night. It kind of sums up what Phoenix is actually doing to Denver in this series...
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TFH34 months
So thaaaaats what nba fans look like. Explains a lot
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Rosenblatt34 months
Messican tried to sucker punch lol
user avatar
BrotherDawg8434 months
Who even watches that ghetto shite anymore.
user avatar
CajunBullet34 months
Typical NBA, (National Bum League), classless, and trashy! You put trash on the court you get trash in the stands!
user avatar
RandySavage34 months
Man fighting like that is trashy, but if you're going to do it, do it like that. Suns fan GOAT
user avatar
BigWillieStyle34 months
Lol suns in 4
user avatar
raceboy34 months
Gabb Goudy would get it
user avatar
Breauxsif34 months
What shitty trashy people wearing cheap gold necklaces fighting in the stands
user avatar
SDVTiger34 months
Lol AZ ppl are trash but he destroyed that Nugs fan
user avatar
CanebreakCajun34 months
Lol. Classic The illegal Biden voter tries the sucker punch and gets worked.
user avatar
Outdoorreb34 months
Fricked around and found out
user avatar
DeafVallyBatnR34 months
Beat his arse. Looks at his boy and says I am going to neat your boy arse and says "SUNS IN 4". With his 4 fingers up holding the guy with the other hand. LOL
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