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I have a feeling Scottie Pippen is gonna be ticked. His ex-wife, Larsa Pippen, was seen in a Japanese restaurant right in the heart of downtown Miami with none other than Michael Jordan's son, Marcus Jordan, getting cozy...

TMZ has obtained photos of the pair sitting down next to each other during the lunch, and apparently leaving too -- with LP leading the way and Marcus following closely behind.

Eyewitnesses tell us they were there for about 45 minutes, and that there were no obvious signs of PDA between them. However, our sources say Larsa seemed to be trying to keep a low profile and got a little skittish when she realized folks had spotted her/were taking pics.

She's been living her best single life for a while now -- and has been rumored to have been romantically linked to a number of dudes in their 20s over the past few years or so ... including Ben Simmons, Harry Jowsey and more memorably, a married Malik Beasley.

Of course, she and Scottie are no longer together ... haven't been in ages, so no harm no foul. Still, though, this one's gotta sting a bit -- assuming she is, in fact, seeing Marcus.
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user avatar
PorkDawg23 months
user avatar
ElTigreFuego23 months
Poor Scottie. Hall of fame cuck
user avatar
jnethe123 months
They do not like the sistas
user avatar
Mr Boyles23 months
Sloppy seconds
user avatar
Eli Goldfinger23 months
Why does anyone care about this?
user avatar
ThaKaptin22 months
Care? Nah. But I'm still laughing my arse off.
user avatar
Hat Tricks23 months
Pippen playing second fiddle to yet another Jordan.
user avatar
Tiger in Texas23 months
Amazing how these hoes keep trying to be in the limelight, but aging is just around the corner...
user avatar
TimmyTigah23 months
Jordan & Pippen are back
user avatar
21JumpStreet23 months
Does scottie even care anymore? She's already been ran through
user avatar
AtlantaLSUfan23 months
God she’s such trash.
user avatar
rbtgoodson23 months
Don't hate the player... hate the game.
user avatar
gumbojambalaya23 months
These hoes be actin up
user avatar
caliegeaux23 months
She has a type.
user avatar
blueboxer111923 months
This chick must be the throat GOAT.
user avatar
kkv7523 months
Cycling through.
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