Ranjon Rondo So Over The Lakers He Sat With Fans Instead Of Team During Game
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If this doesn't continue to paint the picture of how miserable the Los Lakers are right now, I don't know what does...
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This team is a mess and the way they're all acting and giving up makes me embarrassed for them. Especially LeBron.

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luciouslou60 months
Had rondo and boogie stayed, a.d. would have stayed too. Instead of the garbage we now have. Demps is an idiot
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bengalman60 months
Love seeing Lebron's team fall apart!
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cwill60 months
The trade negotiations for Anthony Davis sucked the spirit out of that team. Stupid move by AD and the Lakers to make it a public spectacle.
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weptiger60 months
I loved my showtime Lakers back in the day. This putrid assemblage of Lebron’s version of the Lakers is a joke.
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Geauxboy60 months
Ranjon? You are great at your "job".
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CanebreakCajun60 months
what a pro
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LSULyle0069060 months
Larry please don’t use the word “so” like that, it’s very teenage girlish
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Klark Kent60 months
Why do feel embarrassed for LeBron, he’s the primary reason this team has turned to shite
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Giantkiller60 months
Larry you aren't paid to have sports takes. Where's more pics of Manziel's girlfriend?
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USEyourCURDS60 months
Manziel's sister*
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Jwils60 months
Stop his paycheck.
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The Torch60 months
Rondo is a POS and always has been
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Bige1160 months
Thank you pelicans for not caving in and sending AD out there. This is fun to watch.
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