Patrick Beverley has a reputation of being a bit much on the court, but I think the dude plays hard and seems like a smart guy when it comes to the game. This week on his podcast he dropped some interesting knowledge about the amount of players who don't love actually basketball...
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BlackPot12 months
shite look at Ben Simmons, clear as day that dude is miserable.
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biglego12 months
The season is almost year round at this point. I’m sure they get tired of playing.
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Clark1412 months
They’d probably like it a lot better if the seasons were shorter.
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saturday12 months
It's a job to most of them. A very well paying job, I'm sure most don't love it and are playing for a paycheck. Can't say I blame them.
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TheWalrus12 months
Every NBA player wants to be a rapper and every rapper wants to be an NBA player. Grass is always greener.
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chalmetteowl12 months
What would they rather be doing that they’re not able to?
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JackieTreehorn12 months
frick the nba and their overpaid pussy players. 95% can’t read.
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jbird712 months
“who don't love actually basketball.” Jesus Larry.
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idlewatcher12 months
Be gentle. He’s an ESL student
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