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Former NBA legend Shawn Bradley was badly injured in a bad car vs. bicycle accident in Utah back in January that has left him paralyzed, the Dallas Mavericks confirmed Wednesday...

Mavs owner Mark Cuban issued a statement saying...

"We are saddened to hear of Shawn's accident. Shawn has always been incredibly determined and shown a fighting spirit."

"We wish him nothing but the best in his recovery. He will always be a part of our Mavs family."
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SeanLSU35 months
Sad news. Met Shawn years ago and he was incredibly nice and down-to-earth. Hate to see bad stuff happen to good people.
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SECdragonmaster35 months
That was a 1:57 news report that informed me of nothing more than the headline. How bad is the paralysis? Complete? Neck down like Christopher Reeve? Lower body incomplete? No paralysis is good but you can’t run a nothing 2 minute story.
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Big Scrub TX35 months
Get better, dude. Who is the Bucks player opposite him?
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Bustedsack35 months
still taller than me when sitting down.
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GatorPA8435 months
Haha you win
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kywildcatfanone35 months
Hope he can recover.
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