Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green picked between LeBron James and Michael Jordan...and picked wrong...
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Do you agree with Dray?

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DeafVallyBatnR15 months
MJ was the most beautiful basketball player I have ever seen. Labron is not.
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Crimson1st15 months
It’s a generational thing for DG…speaking out of ignorance pretty much.
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BurntOrangeMan15 months
I agree.. MJ gotta be in his late 50’s right?

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ElTigreFuego15 months
LeBum wishes he could come close to the transcendent greatness of Jordan
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SECdragonmaster15 months
He is only saying that because he is scared of Lebron and MJ no longer plays.
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gamecockman1215 months
Draymond and Triple Single will always go together.
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Tiger198815 months
Michael would have made Lefake cry more than he already does.
Shaq would have slapped him around like a child coming into the lane ESPECIALLY if he ran his mouth.
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Hangit15 months
Lebron is a crier, and MJ was the dude who made people cry. Lebron would have been known as the biggest quitter ever.
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summersausage15 months
I don’t agree but I appreciate anyone that can backup their statement and he did that.
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