During a TNT "Inside the NBA" on Monday night, Charles Barkley went on a rant ripping sports analysts who present their thoughts and opinions as facts. In the process he ripped ESPN's Skip Bayless...

I hear ya, Chuck.
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TailbackU100 months
Chuck droppin knowledge
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The Goat100 months
"Hate" is a very strong word. I would prefer Chuck say something like "Skip Bayless should go have sex with his mother"

Just too much "hate" in this World
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TheTigershark100 months
Chuck sucks
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LSUsmartass100 months
It is curious he doesn't throw Stephen A under bus considering Stephen A is much more obnoxious with his unprofessional opinions
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tigersaint74100 months
What's the difference between Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith? Oh wait, I know.
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the808bass100 months
Isn't presenting opinion as fact all Charles does?
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airfernando100 months
Wonder why he hates Bayless but not Stephen A
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Asphodel100 months
I think what Charles was saying is that there are guys on TV who act like their opinions are gospel. They pass off their opinions like fact and act like their opinion is the only correct opinion to have. Charles is saying he likes to preface his opinions by stating that this is only MY opinion, and you are free to disagree with me because my word isn't gospel.
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Spilled Milk100 months
How do you present an option as fact?
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