Even though I know those carnival basketball games are fixed I still play, and you know what? I still win. Sometimes. Once in a while. Ok, maybe once. However, a hoops carny game on the Boardwalk off of the Jersey Shore got busted for overinflated basketballs. Per NY Post...

A Wildwood carny rigged games on the boardwalk last summer by overinflating basketballs, state officials said. Amusement operator Christine Strothers was bounced from the boardwalk for 10 years and slapped with a $15,500 fine for running the ruse, authorities announced this week.

Wannabe Steph Curry sharpshooters had virtually no chance at winning that stuffed teddy bear because the balls were inflated to three times their recommended pressure, NJ officials said. This caused the bloated basketballs to bounce erratically when they hit the rim or backboard.
(Barstool Sports)
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JackieTreehorn12 months
I expect my Carny Games to be rigged. Just like I expect the Carny Dogs and Carny FunnelCakes to be delicious.
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The Torch12 months
Water is Wet
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pwejr8812 months
No it’s not. It causes things to be wet.
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EulerRules12 months
If water is not wet, then how does it cause “things to be wet”? Does it cause the “unwet” water immediately adjacent to it that it mixes with to become wet? (Need to know for 4th grade science report due tomorrow.)
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ThatTahoeOverThere12 months
Imagine saying your balls are over inflated in a Jersey accent
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gjackx12 months
New England Patriots of carnival
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atxfan12 months
Carny inflategate? I think the standards for those games are simply whether it's possible for someone to win, no matter how difficult or unlikely. Has to be more to this story.
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cajunmud12 months
So there is actually a carny police? What's this world coming to.
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jpainter617412 months
Its her game, her rules...
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