NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is a showing off a bunch of new technology heading into All-Star Weekend. Like these NBA jerseys of the future. Very cool...
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Morpheus14 months
Still waiting for the day we flip open the Top of Silvers head to find out he is a Cyborg
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tigerfan8414 months
What's the point?
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy14 months
the computer nerds are already waiting to hack that mid-game. i would love to see that... and so would the NBA. They need all the attention they can get these days.
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NFLU14 months
4 year old tweet lmao
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CanebreakCajun14 months
Fun fact. More people watch big SEC football games, than the NBA finals.
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YStar14 months
More people watch women's basketball than college baseball as well.
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FLTech14 months
2019 brah. This shot is old
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EulerRules14 months
$ilver curious to see what the New Jersey Nets…
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KAGTASTIC14 months
NBA gonna rake it in when all their trashy fans have to buy new ones, after theirs breaks from their arena "brawls".

Oh and they'll need to find a way to prevent people from putting "no-no" messaging on them.

Though this does look like a good way for players to get less of a cut when their specific jersey isn't bought.
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