In an interview on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio (h/t NBC Sports' Dustin Long), senior vice president of competition Scott Miller said "it’s unacceptable for the cars to catch on fire" following the sport's latest safety incident involving Kevin Harvick at Sunday's Southern 500...
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Strannix22 months
Bubba said they were trying to burn a cross, 114 FBIden agents were pulled from Melania's panties to investigate
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Trumansfangs22 months
They abandoned their roots. I hope they go out of business.
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lsusteve122 months
They've got bigger problems than this.
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idlewatcher22 months
like interest
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jp4lsu22 months
When you make car bodies out of carbon burns. Sheet metal on the previous cars never had this problem.
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FlyinTiger9322 months
NASCAR is still a thing?
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dietcoke722 months
Thought they had worked themselves to death.
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dietcoke722 months
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Jacherse22 months
Harvick's crew chief Rodney Childers:

“Complete bullshite. Was going to be a great night.

“Lets put holes in the nose that will pick up every piece of rubber off the track. Let’s mandate 75% open grill area going to the rocker boxes. Let’s have a fan blowing air thru that hose to make sure the rubber reaches the headers.

“Then once the rubber stacks up and catches fire-Then we will have the equivalent of a leaf blower blowing oxygen on the fire and see how fast it gets a lot bigger.

“Issues like this could be fixed really quick, if the teams had control over their own cars. But, with spec cars, there are lots of red tape and layers in getting problems solved.”

Childers is probably not a popular guy in Daytona Beach right now.
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Jwils22 months
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3down1022 months
Wow, Nascar just keeps getting worse it seems. I tried to tune into the Darlington race this past weekend. I quit watching years ago.

I made it about 3 minutes. Someone wrecked, then they were talking something about 6 minutes to fix, and then they had this scoreboard talking about needing X place or some shite.

Click. Let me know when Nascar is about racing again.
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