Danica Patrick Is Doing More Yoga For All Of Us
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports
Last week driver Danica Patrick was showing off her yoga poses on a yacht in Lake Michigan. A few days later she was doing more moves for us to see on Instagram...

danicapatrickMom and dads basement....Little scorpion with bringing my legs down slow like @cyogalab was teaching (I mostly fell out of hand stand, so slow wasn't happening for me yesterday!)

What just happened? I was distracted by that amazing abstract race car painting.
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Tiger in Texas103 months
She's a jerk, a bitch and overly conceited...but I would climb the flagpole for a chance to do her! She is a cutie, just don't think of the negatives!
user avatar
Kankles103 months
I'd wreck it
user avatar
Crowtownkilla103 months
I bet it smells like tuna being in that hot suit all day .
user avatar
djangochained103 months
I love Tuna
user avatar
udtiger103 months
Like the fist of an angry god.
user avatar
auburnu008103 months
India Summer
user avatar
SoulGlo103 months
No ass.
user avatar
Amazing Moves103 months
Can we that from behind? I think we deserve it. She has teased for long enough.
user avatar
Voorhies7103 months
You talking about Danica or the Indy car in the background?
user avatar
LuzianaFootball103 months
Too flat, but very beautiful.
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