Watch This Girl At The Gym Tells Alex Rodriguez He Looks Like “the guy who is dating J-Lo”
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Former New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez was recently hanging out at the gym when this woman approached him to tell him he looked like Jennifer Lopez's boyfriend. A-Rod played along pretty well...
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PortHudsonPlaya61 months
Not staged at all. I guess someone is just always filming him at the gym having random conversation?
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Hogwarts61 months
Haha he played it off well.
user avatar
SomeLSUguy61 months
Betcha she went home with a bag from A-Rod...
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SECdragonmaster61 months
He should have said, "That dude looks like he has an STD".
user avatar
MEANGREEN6561 months
He’s a dick but that was pretty damn funny.
user avatar
Fightin Okra61 months
He hit it in the shower after that
user avatar
atltiger648761 months
"A-Rod Corp" posted that video? Good lord.
user avatar
elposter61 months
Pretty good. He played that well.
user avatar
mr bunion61 months
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