NESN's Kacie McDonnell & Boyfriend Eric Hosmer Got Into The 'Game Of Thrones' Spirit
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Most of the world gathered around to watch the Game Of Thrones finale on Sunday night. Two of those people were NESN's Kacie McDonnell and her boyfriend, Padres first baseman Eric Hosmer. Wonder if they were as dissappointed as everyone else...

Miss me with Sansa. All y’all haters enjoy rebuilding. The sun rose in the west and set in the east and this Stallion and the Moon of his life are coolin in the Night Lands. #MySunAndStars DBx2...GRRM

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user avatar
chinhoyang56 months
She borrowed a plaster trowel to apply that makeup
user avatar
SmelvinRat57 months
Dave Navarro plays for the Padres?
user avatar
KennabraTiger57 months
She’d make a great Night King with that face
user avatar
Amazing Moves57 months
Game of attention ho
user avatar
bengalman57 months
That picture and spelling is as bad as the episode!
user avatar
ExpoTiger57 months
Wtf is a khalacie?
user avatar
LSU$$$57 months
user avatar
SoFla Tideroller57 months
The sex dolls are almost looking lifelike.
user avatar
FlyinTiger9357 months
Is that a new spelling for kolache?
user avatar
JackieTreehorn57 months
With the way she is aging she should have gone as Olenna Tyrell.
user avatar
UAinSOUTHAL57 months
Haha she can't even spell Khaleesi right on her shirt.
user avatar
tirebiter57 months
K-hal-acie name play, c'mon, bro. Her face is looking ruffff.
user avatar
VoxDawg57 months
Attention whore attention whores. Film at 11.
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