Listen To Greg Maddux Talk About How Easy It Was Pitch To Pitch To Barry Bonds
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Check out Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux talk about pitching to legendary slugger Barry Bonds...


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Maddy could sure paint the corners
Reply14 days
Bonds is the greatest player ever and its not even close.
Reply15 days
Ruth disagrees. Talk to me when bonds hits more homeruns than entire teams and holds the record for most consecutive shutout innings pitched in the World Series.... without steroids.
14 days
Opinions are like a-holes everyone has one, but you picked the GOAT of a-holes as the your greatest player.
14 days
Still sickens me that he and the other Braves aces have only one ring to show for their dominance.
Reply15 days
Funny, cause that makes me smile
15 days
Good. Frick the Braves
15 days
Loved how he pitched, had impeccable command. Got the calls because he was great. All greats get the calls
Reply15 days
Paint the corner my ass. He had pitches called strikes a foot off the plate!!!
Reply15 days
Him, Glavine and smoltz had pitches called strikes where the catcher would dive and fall to the ground.
15 days
Seriously though if I were to meet Gregory Maddux I the grocery store and I didn’t know better if he told me he was a MLB pitcher I’d laugh my tail off. That is the most unlikely looking dude to be a multiple Cy Young winner and World Series winner. Maddux could paint that outside corner like a true artist.
Reply15 days
You should see Ron Guidry. He’s the same way. You’d never think he had such a great career
15 days
Being roided up sure helps.
Reply15 days
That is why skinny Barry Bonds, while still playing for the Pirates, was intentionally walked 32 times in 1992, which was the 3rd highest total in a single season in MLB history at the time. Dude was a feared, HOF hitter before he ever started juicing
15 days
Which makes it all the more sad that he decided to cheat, SPEEDY. People cheat because they feel like they need a competitive edge. He was a great ball player but deserves his asterisk and deserves all of the shame that comes with it.
15 days
Steroids don't make it easier to hit a baseball. Last time I checked they don't improve hand eye coordination. People can spout off about the steroids all they want but the guy was great hitter with or without them.
15 days
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