By the reaction of this dude's wife, he can't do anything right...
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Hoovertigah73 months
I know screaming, That wasn’t screaming. Larry obviously isn’t married.
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Huck Finn73 months
Well sooner or later, a hot golfer will get to know the REAL Larry and fall in love. Give cupid some time.
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STRIPES73 months
The guy is a moron and would have really been a laughing stock if he had fallen out of the stands reaching for a baseball. What a dumbass. By the way, it is a GLOVE not a MITT.
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Crop Dusting73 months
Grown men shouldn't bring their glove to a baseball game
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rilesrick73 months
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Cadello73 months
To add insult to injury she punked him right there in front of everyone. Looks like he lost more than one ball that night.
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy73 months
I’m waiting for the return of the Astros fan snorting coke
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Hat Tricks73 months
I'll give him a pass. Astros fans just started watching baseball again last season. He's still learning the rules.
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BananaHammock73 months
That’s a cuck right there. Bet her name is “Peggy”.
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Bige1173 months
Lmao that’s my sisters name and your description fits. You aren’t from the dirty dell are ya. Lolol
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NoShow73 months
Nahhh. Looks more like a Samantha.
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Volvagia73 months
Investigation reveals: “Valarie”
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