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BATON ROUGE – LSU stayed steady at No. 3 in Monday’s AP Poll, setting up a top three matchup between the nation’s only two unbeaten teams when the Tigers travel to take on No. 1 South Carolina on Sunday on ESPN.

After winning three games in six days over the past week, LSU has an empty week leading into Sunday’s clash in Columbia. Colonial Life Arena, which has a capacity of 18,000, has been soldout for multiple weeks ahead of the LSU vs. South Carolina matchup.

With Sunday’s game set to air at 1 p.m. CT on ESPN, the matchup will serve as the big game before the big game, leading into the Super Bowl later Sunday.

(Release via LSU Athletics)

AP Top 25:
1. South Carolina (28) 23-0
2. Indiana 22-1
3. LSU 23-0
4. UConn 21-3
5. Iowa 19-4
6. Stanford 22-3
7. Utah 20-2
8. Maryland 19-5
9. Duke 20-3
10. Notre Dame 18-4
11. Virginia Tech 18-4
12. Michigan 19-5
13. Ohio St. 20-4
14. North Carolina 17-6
15. Villanova 20-4
16. Oklahoma 18-4
17. Arizona 18-5
18. UCLA 18-6
19. Florida St. 20-5
20. Texas 18-6
21. Iowa St. 15-6
22. NC State 16-6
23. Gonzaga 22-3
24. South Florida 22-4
25. Colorado 18-5


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ThatTahoeOverThere13 months
I love the squat pics of Kim
user avatar
Deplorable Duke13 months
Kim ages like fine wine.
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mla010013 months
UCONN moved up 1 spot in the Polls after losing to South Carolina so, with that logic… LSU should move up to #2, should they lose and #1 if they win!?! Just keep getting better and preparing for March Madness, the polls are a Beauty Contest!
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Vernonbrew2213 months
It is not realistic to expect LSU to win at SC. They are closing the gap but not on the same level yet
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sabbertooth13 months
Really not worried about rankings. Post season sorts all that out. Can’t wait for the 12th.
user avatar
BillyTheKid13 months
Uhhhhh, wow!
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MrWalkingMan13 months
I understand the rankings don’t matter, and I’m sure Indiana is a fine team. Bud someone needs to tell these voters that when you have the opportunity to market a 1v2 regular season matchup as a lead-in to the Super Bowl, you put your agenda aside and make it happen
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Shaq4prez13 months
1v2 matchup will not get more viewers. The ones who were planning on watching this game will watch. This will not compete with superbowl coverage, regardless of ranking
user avatar
Bill_D_Cat13 months
Bull..just play the game. Rankings don't matter.

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mule7413 months
I’m sorry. Are you saying that a WBB is going to get viewers primed for the Super Bowl???
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