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LSU offensive line coach Brad Davis was in Natchitoches, La. on Tuesday night to visit with offensive guard commit Joseph Cryer and his family.

The 6-4, 300-pounder from Natchitoches Central was a one-time Ole Miss commit but flipped to LSU shortly after he received his offer from the Tigers over the summer.

Cryer is one of five offensive linemen committed in LSU's 2024 class.

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For more info on Cryer, visit his profile page on our Recruiting Tracker.


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bluebuck13 months
This kid plays with an edge. He has a 5 star attitude. Get 22 like him on the field and they can give us the Championship Trohpy.
user avatar
Lutcher Lad3 months
He's got the L going with the left hand...not an easy task for some. Remember: the right hand is a natural L, but you have to rotate the left hand to make an L. To keep it simple, if you're seeing the normal L, the person looking at you isn't.
user avatar
orlandeaux tiger3 months
She the right amount of tick
user avatar
TNTigerman3 months
He's as big as the tree.
user avatar
Lsu1012053 months
I appreciate the effort to get the L pointing the correct direction.
user avatar
GumboPot3 months
Brad Davis is doing such a damn good job.
user avatar
PgRbtiger3 months
Many Made.
Once a tiger always a tiger
user avatar
PureBlood3 months
Das a big boy
user avatar
duckblind563 months
Mom loving her some look at me time
user avatar
LSUPilot073 months
This kid is going to be one hell of a center for this team. He’s an old school hard nosed kid that takes pride in putting his guy in the dirt.
user avatar
tigerdeal13 months
Please oh, please Faneca 2.0
user avatar
Celery3 months
Big Hoss looks ready to ball and BD is the best in the biz.
user avatar
Shooter3 months
Bk retaining Brad Davis lets you know he knows what the hell he's doing. LSU is about to rule the SEC!
user avatar
Jdublsu3 months
Big boy from Natty will win a Natty
user avatar
AlldayTiger3 months
Brad Davis doing work! Love the OL haul for this class.
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