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BATON ROUGE – National championships in baseball and women’s basketball along with Top 10 finishes in gymnastics, beach volleyball, and men’s and women’s outdoor track and field helped LSU to a No. 9 final ranking in the Directors’ Cup.

The No. 9 final ranking is the highest for LSU since finishing ninth overall in 2009. LSU’s highest Directors’ Cup finish came in 2008 when the Tigers placed No. 8 nationally. LSU has placed No. 10 overall four times – 1997, 1998, 2000, and 2002.

The Directors’ Cup gauges the overall success of institution’s athletic programs by awarding points for each team based on its finish in NCAA Championships. A maximum of 19 sports are counted, four of which must be men’s and women’s basketball, women’s volleyball and baseball.

LSU scored points in 19 sports, the maximum used to tabulate the final standings, with baseball and women’s basketball leading the way with 100 points for winning national championships. The national title in baseball marked the seventh for the Tigers, second all-time among all Division I schools. LSU won its first national championship in women’s basketball this year.

Overall, LSU has now claimed 51 national titles in its history. This year also marked the 11th time in school history LSU won at least two national championships. The last time LSU claimed a pair of national titles in the same athletic year came in 2003-04 when men’s and women’s indoor track and field swept the NCAA titles.

LSU added 80 points for fourth-place finishes in gymnastics and men’s outdoor track and field. The Tigers picked up 70 points for a fifth-place finish in beach volleyball and 72 points for a seventh-place finish in women’s outdoor track and field.

Twenty of LSU’s 21 sports advanced to postseason competition in 2022-23.

The Southeastern Conference led all leagues with eight schools ranked in the Top 25 – Florida at No. 5, Tennessee No. 6, Georgia No. 7, LSU No. 9, Alabama No. 12, Arkansas No. 13, Kentucky No. 18 and Texas A&M No. 24.

Stanford won the overall title for the 26th time. They were followed by future SEC member Texas at No. 2.

The LEARFIELD Directors’ Cup was developed as a joint effort between the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) and USA Today. Points are awarded based on each institution's finish in NCAA Championships.

LSU’s 2022-23 Directors’ Cup Points and NCAA Finish
Sport: Points - NCAA Finish
Baseball: 100 - National Champion
Women’s Basketball: 100 - National Champion
Gymnastics: 80 - No. 4
Men’s Outdoor Track/Field: 80 - No. 4
Beach Volleyball: 70 - No. 5
Women’s Outdoor Track/Field: 72 - No. 7
Women’s Indoor Track/Field: 65.25 - No. 11
Women’s Swimming/Diving: 63 - No. 13
Women’s Golf: 60.75 - No. 14
Football: 60 - No. 15
Men’s Swimming/Diving: 57.8 - No. 16
Softball: 50 - No. 17
Women’s Soccer: 50 - No. 17
Women’s Volleyball: 50 - No. 17
Women’s Cross Country: 26 - No. 32
Women’s Tennis: 25 - No. 33
Men’s Tennis: 25 - No. 33
Men’s Golf: 27.5 - No. 44
Men’s Indoor Track/Field: 24 - No. 48

LSU’s History In the Directors’ Cup
Year: Rank - Total Points

1993-94: No. 36 - 213.5
1994-95: No. 19 - 271.5
1995-96: No. 16 - 302.5
1996-97: No. 10 - 374.5
1997-98: No. 10 - 440.0
1998-99: No. 16 - 390.0
1999-00: No. 10 - 764.0
2000-01: No. 22 - 653.5
2001-02: No. 10 - 842.5
2002-03: No. 23 - 597.25
2003-04: No. 11 - 867.75
2004-05: No. 23 - 571.25
2005-06: No. 20 - 675.125
2006-07: No. 17 - 888.0
2007-08: No. 8 - 1,085.0
2008-09: No. 9 - 1,029.0
2009-10: No. 19 - 824.0
2010-11: No. 19 - 831.5
2011-12: No. 13 - 967.75
2012-13: No. 19 - 847.0
2013-14: No. 22 - 833.75
2014-15: No. 15 - 930.25
2015-16: No. 19 - 883.5
2016-17: No. 18 - 862.5
2017-18: No. 27 - 749.25
2018-19: No. 11 - 986.83
2019-20: No Standings - Covid
2020-21: No. 15 - 895.00
2021-22: No. 16 - 883.75
2022-23: No. 9 - 1062.25

(Release via LSU Athletics)
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user avatar
Purple Spoon11 months
Screw the directors cup deal. LSU has had an unbelievable 12 months in terms of exposure. That includes Livvy
user avatar
BeachTiger201811 months
as Kenny Powers said, "I play real sports. I aint trying to be the best at exercising."
user avatar
Who among the readers agrees with the following statement, "the only thing that matters is LSU is ahead of BAMA"?
user avatar
jrobic412 months
"Twenty of LSU’s 21 sports advanced to postseason competition in 2022-23"

What's #21?
user avatar
tigersbh12 months
Men’s basketball.
user avatar
Outboard12 months
Where can one find Stanford's 2022-23 Directors’ Cup Points and NCAA Finish for comparison to see which sports all of their points came from?

user avatar
Tiger194412 months
Stanford claimed three national titles – men's gymnastics, women's rowing and women's water polo
user avatar
SomeLSUguy11 months
Yeah, they kinda come in through the backdoor with winning these sports the rest of the country don't play much... And winning the mens ultimate frisbee championship scores you the same 100pts as winning the CFP.
user avatar
cajunmud12 months
Stanford obviously wrote the rules for this thing.
user avatar
BayouBengal9912 months
You should also get way more points if the sport actually makes the school money.
user avatar
BayouBengal9912 months
Let’s dominate the big 5 first. Football, Men’s baseball, men’s basketball, Women’s basketball and softball then we can start working on all the others. We close in many of these but football carries all other sports so let’s not pretend that without football, nothing else matters.
user avatar
LSU82Cajun12 months
Isn’t Stanford know as the trees or is it the LGBQR$&$
user avatar
Jabontik12 months
no need for all of that
user avatar
chinhoyang12 months
I doubt anyone with any sense would claim that Stanford has the best overall athletic program in the country.
user avatar
Laugh More12 months
Agreed. Should have some form of weighting system for different sports. Perhaps based upon the number of NCAA teams that participate in each sports. More teams play football than water polo, so football should weight more, idk.
user avatar
HarveyTunnel12 months
Hogwash cup
user avatar
LSU_Legz12 months
Oh boy this is going to go WAY up over this next year.
user avatar
Kirk Herbstreit12 months
Why don’t they just rename this the Stanford cup?
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