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The LSU Football Recruiting account posed a great question on Twitter Sunday, asking which Tiger passing unit do "you feel would be the best unit to take the field?"

The options were:

Team A:
Rohan Davey
Odell Beckham Jr.
Michael Clayton
Busta Davis
Robert Royal

Team B:
Matt Flynn
Justin Jefferson
Early Doucet
Josh Reed
David LaFleur

Team C:
Jamarcus Russell
Jarvis Landry
Dwayne Bowe
Foster Moreau
Devery Henderson

Team D:
Joe Burrow
DJ Chark
Eddie Kennison
Brandon Lafell
Thad Moss

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What's your pick? Sound off in the comments.
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user avatar
Catahoula20LSU50 months
D all day
user avatar
2saint50 months
user avatar
Tigerbait201650 months
Team A
user avatar
Ace Midnight50 months
Frankly, it's D and it isn't even close
user avatar
Datbayoubengal50 months
C, A, D, B
user avatar
EyeOfTheTiger1450 months
user avatar
UntamedTig3r50 months
user avatar
biglego50 months
Whatever team BDJ is on. But—is everyone running the same offense?
user avatar
MSTiger3350 months
Ro with Buster and OBJ? Yeah, give me A
user avatar
Tiger99750 months
The one with Chase.
user avatar
Tigrdynasty50 months
My first thought. Htf is he not on this list?
user avatar
TigerKW50 months
user avatar
FLObserver50 months
add a running back to each team: Joe Addai, guice, LF, k faulk
user avatar
SuckFickNaban50 months
Skipped down to burrow, dont care about the rest of the list d final answer
user avatar
Lsutigerturner50 months
C, D, A, B
user avatar
Russianblue50 months
just imagine Joey B throwing to Jarvis.
user avatar
EulerRules50 months
Gimme Jimmy's boy. You know, the one whose hands are big enough to hold the Heisman in one and the Natty in the other...D,A,C,B
user avatar
StupidBinder50 months
D,C,A,B. A/B are probably about what and what.
user avatar
Hester Carries50 months
The one with Joe Burrow lol
user avatar
Fightin Okra50 months
Flynn has done YAC guys with him
user avatar
brewdrees50 months
D easily with 2011 defense but Saban as head coach. Sorry O.
user avatar
KCT50 months
Some of you guys are assuming that Jamarcus Russell could run the current offense as well as Burrow. That isn't the case. I would take Burrow, Davey, Flynn, and Russell in that order. Russell struggled to run an NFL offense, and he would struggle to run LSU's current offense (which is obviously the offense you want to run).
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