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Former Texas A&M and current Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller recently spoke with Sports Illustrated and had a unique analogy to describe why he chose the Aggies over LSU during his high school recruitment.

Miller played at DeSoto High School in DeSoto, TX and chose his home state Aggies over schools like LSU, Oklahoma, Florida and Ole Miss.

“A&M really wanted me,” Miller says. “You know that girlfriend that’s really not that attractive but she’s going to do everything she can to keep you? That was A&M.... That hot chick that just talks to you on Mondays? That was LSU.”
Miller enrolled at Texas A&M in 2007, the same season that LSU won the BCS National Championship.
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user avatar
LSUvet7294 months
I think ole Von just told us one of those stupid Aggie jokes.....ROGLMAO
user avatar
Le Tenia94 months
this smells liked 2 week old news
user avatar
Black n Gold94 months
Thanks... I guess?!?!
user avatar
stowns94 months
"she’s going to do everything she can to keep you" -> "I wanted attention", "That hot chick that just talks to you on Mondays" -> "They had too many studs to baby me"
user avatar
STRIPES94 months
LSU is still in his head. LOL.
user avatar
Lake Vegas Tiger94 months
Too bad, could have had a title ring his first season
user avatar
idlewatcher94 months
So how much then Von?
user avatar
Fus062394 months
This. Is. Old
user avatar
pellietigersaint94 months
you idiots do realize that he was dogging aTm and making LSU look good, right? que the recruitnicks
user avatar
DonChowder94 months
That's actually insulting to TAMU.
user avatar
Froman94 months
Wait, why is this back in the news feed? Is TD using the Facebook algorithm now?
user avatar
BayouTiga94 months
Dumbass.........Hence he went to Faggie U.
user avatar
West Texas 3394 months
Did he make this comment in Germany?
user avatar
AlabamasSalaryCap94 months
lol. Yea LSU has a track record of not taking care of it's players before during and after their careers. Sure, Von.
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