WAFB Sports Reporter Jacques Doucet caught up with LSU Director of Player Development Kevin Faulk during the Coaches Caravan in Houma on Monday night and asked him about the postgame incident from the LSU-Texas A&M game.

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TigerAxeOK57 months
Much needed fire on the sidelines. Much respect for Faulk. aTm has an overload of revenge coming to them this season... as long as it's not the same officiating crew.
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tigerfootball1057 months
LSU needs to offer that little prick an opportunity to come inside the stadium this year. He must fight Faulk on the 50 before the coin toss. Otherwise he’s not allowed in TS
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texastigerr57 months
Payback will be a bitch. This team will be better than last season's plus improvements on the coaching staff.
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caliegeaux57 months
Bama is still the bar to be judged on. But this is THE must win game this year.
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Htowntiger9057 months
Looking forward to us giving them a colossal beatdown this season in TS.
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DeplorableTigerFan57 months
We need to give them a first class beat down and not take our foot off of their throats until the scoreboard has 0's for time left. Then we can sing them a classy farewell song with KF leading the band...
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LSUfanNkaty57 months
frick yea! Geaux Coach Faulk
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GeauxsomeMeaux57 months
Geaux Coach Kev!
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mmtiger57 months
all eyes on 3, baw! :)
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kkv7557 months
Way to put words in Faulk's moth then make that the title of the story. Top notch reporting.
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CGSC Lobotomy57 months
He "stood his ground" against someone 1/5 his size. Really brave of him.
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luciouslou57 months
Really man? Faulk is about 5-8". You seriously think that guy's half his size?
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Taxing Tiger57 months
Little punk got a smidgen of what he deserved. F@&$ A&M.
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MCrun257 months
You’re an idiot. That dude is 4-5 inches taller than Faulk
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