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tigerpawl83 months
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Big Sway83 months
Love "O".
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alumni9583 months
Video was very well done
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JJBTiger201283 months
LSU managed to hire an even better personality that LM and him being a coonass puts the I icing on the cake. I hope to hell that he is succesful at LSU because I love the guy.
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BayouBengal9983 months
Bunch of wussies up in here. Who better to represent LSU then Ed O. I mean it's what Louisiana is known for. Cooking, accent, hunting, fishing, and football. What else is there really? The man has a great sense of humor and people love him.
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fisherbm111283 months
Damn there is some serious saltiness on this board for CEO.... I think the guy is electric and seems to have a personality that people gravitate towards and I hope like hell that he has a successful career here.
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kjntgr83 months
Who cares about his voice or what he can cook? Seriously
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MaHittaMaHitta83 months
I want to know who his tour guide was. She's cute.
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conman83 months
I like the guy. He can recruit. The players respond to him. I think he will be successful.
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saint tiger22583 months
I feel like everyone is laughing at us.
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eugene1928LSU83 months
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GreatLakesTiger2483 months
They are
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caliegeaux83 months
I can't believe O actually paid for that espn shite clothes.
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