Despite receiving a new offer from LSU, five-star Alabama QB commit Tua Tagovailoa told SEC Country that he remains 100-percent committed to the Crimson Tide.

Tagovailoa also called LSU QB commit Myles Brennan and spoke with pro-style passer and his family about the offer and the possibility of Lane Kiffin heading to Baton Rouge.

In addition to speaking with Saban, the Tagovailoas also called LSU quarterback commit Myles Brennan’s family. A day after Tagovailoa picked up his LSU offer, Brennan took to Twitter to say that he was looking for other options just in case it didn’t work out with the Tigers. Ed Orgeron stated in his introductory press conference that he wants LSU to have a dual-threat quarterback under center, and Brennan isn’t that. He’s a pro-style prospect.

The Tagovailoas are family friends with the Brennans, and they just wanted to let them know that Tua wasn’t considering LSU and if Kiffin was to be the next offensive coordinator for the Tigers, they should give him a chance because he has the ability to run an offensive with either a pro-style or dual-threat quarterback. Alabama won the national championship last year with Jacob Coker, a pro-style quarterback.
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UF87 months
If Mac takes the Oregon job, Spurrier will take over at UF and this kid will be a Gator.
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Thacian87 months
Hurt will never sit the bench.....saban offenses may limit tua and what he can do...this kid is phenomenal and would be considered a god of he chose Lsu with our past history pf qbs
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Just_Fight_Baby87 months
I can't help but feel that there's more to this seemingly "snafu" situation, than meets the eye for the majority of us. Anyway, best of luck to Tua and the Tagovailoa family!
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High C87 months
Kiffin hasn't even been named OC, and he's already stirring up controversy.
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TouchdownTony87 months
Very well said young man and if Kiffin heads to Red Stick, give him a shot. He's a pretty good OC. Don't bail just yet. See what Kiffin has to say. You will be a fine Bama rep and classy move to reach out to a confused young man.
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Rakim87 months
Coach O accomplished what exactly by this stunt?
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The Mick87 months
Pretty clear, Tua is coming to LSU with Brennan. Nice.
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semjase87 months
To start out the gate, Orgeron simply can't let a talent like Brennan get away after he was Committed. He lives 2 hours away, is an LSU Fan and one of the top HS passing QB's in the country. . Why do anything to ruin that relationship? Doesn't make any sense and is a bad omen to start off your LSU Head Coaching career. BTW, Brennan is "Dual Threat" enough to run the Offense that Kiffin runs at Alabama...................
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Sweet daddy87 months
Nothing is guaranteed recruiting is a dog eat dog world . Duel threat QB's win championship enough said the spread is the way to go to win championships. MB has not proven anything or won anything remember Josh Booty nice kid very well respected but you have to load the wagon with every stud you can get . Very classy move by the Hawaii QB the present QB at Bama is a stud for a true freshmen better wait two years kid Saban will be retired.
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Barbellthor87 months
I'm sorry. WHY are we so attached to dual threat QB's? Why are WE so attached to dual threat QB's?
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monsterballads87 months
What a weird couple of days
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SaulGoodman87 months
Seems a little patronizing.
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baobabtiger87 months
I bet saban put him up to the call.
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geauxtigers3487 months
It looks like Tua might be the best recruiter on the Lsu staff, he just saved coach O's arse big time.
user avatar
PaulT7887 months
Big time!!!! This is sad
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LSUTigersVCURams87 months
Ok I give up this is an unmitigated shite show
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theBru87 months
Well, doubt if kiffen shows in BR...OC choice will be interesting, to say the least...guess it depends on which version of the "spread" we run as to which QB will be most effective... Still a classy move by the Hawaiian family...
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shutterspeed87 months
double pwned
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Meauxjeaux87 months
They should call O and tell him to get a clue about how to run a program.
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Farkwad87 months
"they should give him a chance because he has the ability to run an offensive with either a pro-style or dual-threat quarterback” The Tagovailoas should call O and tell him that.
user avatar
El Campo Tiger87 months
He hasn't proven that ability so far.
user avatar
Spankum87 months
Well, this seems just a little awkward....
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