The crew at Empire Graphics posted this new concept helmet for LSU last week on Instagram. Check it out:


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dstone12105 months
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atltiger6487105 months
not much of a "new concept." They just changed the yellow to gold. I'd like to have seen some creativity and originality.
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stonerolledaway105 months
at least the air vent doesn't connect to the L making it look like a funky symbol...
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Weaver105 months
I still love the 09 Nike helmets all gold when we played Arkansas. Those were the best. I don't dig the white or purple helmets.
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LSUtigers111105 months
He knew not to mess with perfection
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GeauxColonels105 months
I think there are hundreds of concepts out there for all kinds of teams. Too bad the worst ones are the ones that get shared all over the net.
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tigerpawl105 months
I think we need to improve the level of play before we start having fashion shows. Call me old fashion.
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OU812105 months
LSU now uses LIGHT GOLD which was changed from the darker gold in 1956 I believe.
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TigerJeff105 months
not our colors
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Datbayoubengal105 months
I like how he didn't get outrageous. Looks like a chrome version of what we already use. In my best Bernie Mac impression, "those look noice, reeeeal noice".
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sicboy105 months
LSU's football team comes out onto the field in cell shading.
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DByrd2105 months
Would look nice on all purple unis. Terrible with any other combo.
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WalkingTurtles105 months
Not bad I like the chrome aspect on helmets.
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DanglingFury105 months
Well that just seems lazy.
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hg105 months
God, that guy is a magician.
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Shiftyplus1105 months
Hey, an actual gold color! Now make the jerseys' colored that gold and we're in business.
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