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The College Football Playoff announced Thursday that they are preparing for the 2020-2021 Football season, despite everything going on in the sport.

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Camp Randall44 months
Wolken needs to write a scathing article stat
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Jabontik44 months
So 13 guys are too scared to meet in person for a 30 minute vote but feel ok telling schools to have 100+ guys spitting on each other for 3 hours a week? Hey, at least they will make their money, So what if a few hundred kids develop lifelong heart weakness or lung scarring.
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sportsaddit6844 months
Lighten up, Karen.
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After I finished reading your post all I could envision was a scrawny little pussy wearing skinny jeans typing on his iphone with his pinky while sitting legs crossed outside Starbucks.
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P bean44 months
Nostradumbus quit talking about youself like that.
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GoldenGuy44 months
Just so Ross knows, 6 of 10 still are. And according to the Count on Sesame Street, 6 is larger than 4
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Mike Honcho44 months
CFP has been around for 6 years so 24 teams have gone. 18 of those teams are from conferences still playing. Also 5 of 6 champions. I think we will be fine sans B1G and PAC12
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TexasTiger8944 months
Praise da Lord.
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Lsutigerturner44 months
I believe LSU and all these schools are allowing all players to retain their scholly and return to school next year if they are not comfortable or do not think this is good for them... You have to give these dudes a choice. No one should be making life choices for them ( you could argue these athletes parents can make that choice but... I mean they are adults I don't think any player on the team is 17 years old rn) Most kids around here are still playing travel ball and have friends still playing rec ball. What the difference except these guys will have better doctors and procedures to catch a outbreak much faster...???
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lsuohiofan44 months
What the hell for? If 2/3rds of the Division 1 schools are not playing then it means nothing!
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js159144 months
Like the old ball coach said, the championship is always Clemson and a team from the SEC. That’s all we need.
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imjustafatkid44 months
No team from those conferences stood a chance anyway.
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BigTimer2344 months
I’m glad we’re going forward, but to say Ohio State didn’t have a chance to make the playoff is nonsense.
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kkv7544 months
Ohio State is glad they don't have to play. Now they can talk shite and not have to back it up followed by another SEC arse kicking.
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partyboy193044 months
Ross Dellenger can eat shite
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