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Speaking at a Louisiana Football Legends event at CenturyLink in Bossier City, Louisiana, celebrity headliner and Shreveport native Terry Bradshaw had some great things to say about LSU sophomore quarterback Brandon Harris. Per

"Awesome arm, I was impressed with him seems like a good kid too. One of these days maybe I'll have you on the draft board, don't come out early though," Terry Bradshaw.

"It's a great thing, it's a great feeling. Especially coming from a guy who did at the highest level, who's won Super Bowls and a Hall of Fame quarterback. You want to display it on the field and have an opportunity where one day you can be looked up to the same way he is. That's the special thing about it," said Harris.

"I'll go on record, you need to be starting. I'll go on record," said Bradshaw.

Bradshaw and Harris exchanged stories, and laughs before finishing up their evening at the CenturyLink.
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RBWilliams8107 months
I'm a "posi-tiger" and think Harris should have more starts. Why do people throw out the general "posi-nega" bs with everything?
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jimfolse107 months
Terry is out of line here. He hasn't attended any LSU practices so his comments have no basis in fact. What did he see in Harris during the Auburn game that gives he this insight? Nothing. I think the statement about not developing the QB's has some merit but the reason is wrong because Miles wants a run oriented offense and is not a spread man. He fits the players to his system instead of the other way around.
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CalTiger53107 months
Miles conservative mentality on offense in disgusting. He takes the fun out of the game.
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LoveThatMoney107 months
Everyone forgets that Harris has only been playing football for 4 years. The learning curve will obviously be enormous for him between college and high school. Where pure talent and athleticism were enough on high school, they are not in college, and he's got to learn the game as much as the plays before he can start. The truth is, Harris never should have had the pressure of possibly starting last year, should have learned the system and the position, and come out this year with all the confidence in the world to really compete for the starting role. And he probably won't earn it until next year when he'll be able to really make smart plays. IF he continues to work hard at learning the position.
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billf7095107 months
I remember before one of the Super Bowls that the Steelers won, "Hollywood" Henderson said that Terry Bradshaw couldnt spell CAT if you spotted him the C and the A. I think Hollywood had a point.

Brandon Harris played great against Mississippi State. He played terrible against Auburn.

How many practices has Terry been so that a fair comparison could be made?

How much time has talking to Brandon Harris to gauge his understanding of the system?

Sorry, I value Cam Camerons opinion on this issue much higher than Terry Bradshaw.
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skinny domino107 months
Is Terry preggers?
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Fat Bastard107 months
Truth hurts. Pumpers will hate terry now.
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Drizzt107 months
Bradshaw is being honest. Honesty hurts. Especially if you are a positiger.
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Labossman107 months
Can't look good to future qb's that we might b trying to get
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LSUsmartass107 months
Oh boy, here come the Les nut huggers to tell us what a mindless dolt Bradshaw is
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GeauxLSUGeaux107 months
What is terry bradshaws handle on here?
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monsterballads107 months
i'm sure Les won't dig his heels in now
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Laman1978107 months
Those comments were not "irresponsible" in TB's eyes. He knows exactly what he was saying. TB wants BH at LATech. Stirring the pot can do nothing but support his hidden agenda. LATech has had some great success with P5 conference transfer QBs.
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dpd901107 months
Yes, Terry Bradshaw who hasn't ever coached football, and hasn't played in 30 years knows better who should start at LSU than the coaches who spend hundreds of hours watching the QB's practice. Makes perfect sense.
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lsufan1909107 months
Cue the people defending CC compared to a super bowl winning QB, saying TB doesn't know jack
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STRIPES107 months
Yes. Hey Brandon, YOU should be starting but YOU are holding yourself back just as you stated in your recent comments. You admitted you didn't know the plays and even had to ask some OLs what the play was at times last season. I agree with Terry Bradshaw. YOU SHOULD BE STARTING BUT IT'S YOUR OWN FAULT THAT YOU AREN'T. So get off your arse and earn it.

And for you dumbass fans who want to just give the job to the kid. You are wrong. Miles haters are just looking for something to criticize but don't know anymore than Bradshaw who hasn't been to one damn practice and was making some irresponsible comments to local media in friggin' Bossier City.
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LSU_Saints_Hornets107 months
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SamuelClemens107 months
Tick tick tick...
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skullopener107 months
Here we go again!!!
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5Alive107 months
The answer is yes he is smarter than les
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