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Athlon Sports asked coaches in the SEC to talk anonymously about their opponents heading into 2014 and this is what they had to say about LSU:


“Obviously losing quarterback Zach Mettenberger hurts them a little bit. They have a couple of talented options coming up there but it will be interesting to see how they develop that talent. Cam Cameron has the personnel to go to a dual-threat quarterback but he’s more of a pro-style guy.”…

“They might have lost a few key players up front but return that good left tackle (La’El Collins).”…

“Those two receivers they had are gone and they were two of the best. I’m not really sure who’s filling those roles because they got the ball so much.”…

“Obviously the question is, who is the quarterback that will step up?”…

“The defense last year was pretty inexperienced and quite honestly weren’t very good.”…

“John Chavis’ scheme isn’t really that hard. He always does a good job hiding deficiencies just enough where he puts players in position to make plays. They had a lot of growing up to do up front. It all depends on how those guys develop. If they don’t get better up front, their team won’t be better. There really wasn’t one from last year that stood out, at least not compared to the standard LSU has set for that spot.”…

“Losing those guys will catch up with them. Slowly, if you lose kids to Alabama or Texas schools, you can still have stars but do they still have quality depth they used to?”…

“None of those guys on defense coming back really stuck out to me."
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timm6971463118 months
Young man tiger I think gave us short list of SEC coaches who are half the Coach that Les Miles is !
user avatar
tigernation56119 months
Will tee off the players
user avatar
ApexTiger119 months
Reads like Houston Nutt made these comments..
user avatar
Catahoula20LSU119 months
who beat both Auburn and Johnny football last year?
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Dick Macho119 months
“None of those guys on defense coming back really stuck out to me."

How about two TF CBs who were locking down guys like Mike Evans towards the end of the year? Heck, we have a DE named Hunter who could be a top 5 draft pick as an underclassman in a couple more years.
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Lsu101205120 months
Wonder what they said in 2011, because I bet it was similar.
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Navytiger74120 months
Well on the recruiting piece, we've still be doing quite well. But I'm not going to sit here and pretend we haven't "missed" any of the guys we lost out on. There's no reason for any team in the nation to clearly out-talent us, and Bama did that on the field last year.
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FLBooGoTigs1120 months
Wow. Yeah we lose so much talent to Texas and Alabama. Sure we lose some big fish but the net seems to full of quality in state and out of state talent every year recently. Sending LSU players to the pros like its nobody's business but still getting 10+ wins a year on avg. Sounds like some of these coaches want LSU to suck. Anyway I love this team and geaux tigers.
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kmh5star120 months
Sounds like none of them really have a clue outside of the obvious. They're probably too busy getting their own team in shape to know details about opponents. Then again, they do get paid millions of $ to know these things.
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macanLSU120 months
I like the fact that most of the comments tend to question or underestimate the LSU football players and coaches capabilities. Our Tigers will surprise the opponents big time!!!
user avatar
Sev09120 months
Isn't quite as bad as last year's comments. That's where tDecline crap started.
user avatar
JohnZeroQ120 months
I like saying words when questions are asked and a microphone is on.
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La Place Mike120 months
“None of those guys on defense coming back really stuck out to me."

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young man tiger120 months
1. Saban
2. Sumlin
3. Mullen
4. Malzahn
5. Freeze
6. Muschamp
7. Spurrier
8. Richt
user avatar
UnAnon120 months
Smells like salt.
user avatar
jrowla2120 months
"Losing kids to Alabama and Texas schools.."

Whoever said this clearly doesnt have a clue about LSU recruiting. Had to be an SEC East coach. Its not like we arent taking recruits from Texas and other states to replace them.
user avatar
Boudinboy33120 months
were these comments from coaches who lost to us last season?
user avatar
More beer please120 months
lulz these coaches acted like we took the year off in regards to recruiting
user avatar
TheCaterpillar120 months
I hope they print this out in the lockerroom
user avatar
CaptainPanic120 months
Most of the coaches who said those things will lose to us
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