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Multiple sources are reporting that Oregon head coach Willie Taggart is pursuing LSU wide receiver coach Dameyune Craig to join his staff. Per The Advocate:

ORLANDO, Fla — Oregon head coach Willie Taggart reached out to LSU receivers coach Dameyune Craig several weeks ago regarding a position on his staff, a source confirmed to The Advocate, and the talks appear to be serious.

Taggart is heavily pursuing Craig, reported Saturday as the Tigers kicked off against Louisville in the Citrus Bowl. The two have been in discussions, the site reported, and the process is expected to speed up after the bowl game.
Craig left Auburn to join LSU's staff last February. He has served as LSU's interim recruiting coordinator since October.

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bearfan2289 months
he gone
user avatar
Lexman189 months
I think we have the cash to keep any assistant coaches we want. Coach Craig is an excellent recruiter and Coach O will surely want him to stay. Otherwise, he would have fired him along with Cameron and Peveto.
user avatar
Tiger in Texas89 months
His choice, but at this point in his career I would think Oregon is a down move...
user avatar
Bayoubengal20589 months
Especially now that his ultra talented position group is going to begin to shine with a new offense
user avatar
DrSteveBrule89 months
Agree. I don't think craig left his Alma mater to come to LSU and then downgrade
user avatar
justustm289 months
You guys can't be arguing Offensive coordinator at Oregon is a downgrade from wide receiver coach at LSU, are you? Seriously? Really? Delusion at its best. If he has any designs on becoming a head coach, he has to take that offer. Oregon is not some 3rd world football program. That is a major promotion for Craig.
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BayouBengal6189 months
Not happy about this. Would love to keep Dameyune on the staff. Great recruiter and a real player's coach.
user avatar
KennabraTiger89 months
Being a "player's coach" is overrated as shite. Don't want to see him leave but don't care about having a player's coach
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semjase89 months
Yes, a "Great Recruiter" and "Real Players Coach" that has no clue how to technically coach and develop WR's. (His Alma Mater didn't even try to keep him on the Staff there when LSU came calling) We've got Raymond, Juluke, Aranda, Orgeron and hopefully Canada as the "GR's" on the Staffs. No loss here if he leaves. Great opportunity here for O to go out and hire a great WR coach that can actually develop the pass catching talent that's already at LSU. Way past time to have an entire Staff that can actually coach em up once they arrive at LSU. (The Bama Way)
user avatar
CL810089 months
as a good assistant coach in craig, saw some comments say to let him go and hire a better wr coach. who out there is better than this guy? craig is a really good coach and excellent recruiter
user avatar
YellaPurp89 months
Oregon should be banned from this site until Oregeron is long gone. It's confusing.
user avatar
Tigerfan23289 months
Piss off Taggart....
user avatar
JOHNN89 months
If he goes we need to go straight to Curtis Johnson. Currently WR coach for Bears.
user avatar
BILLFISHER2289 months
Already in the works
user avatar
HC8789 months
Why OR? Seems like he is in a GREAT spot, with the rec duties as well, and at an above average mkt salary.... Unless they are making him the OC....
user avatar
airfernando89 months
Craig would be an asset to any program, but he is obviously most valuable in the South.
user avatar
the LSUSaint89 months
Is it a larger position? Why would he do a lateral move out of the SEC an go to Oregon? He's been a southern guy his whole life
user avatar
Mouthulcer89 months
user avatar
fierysnowman89 months
Plus, he's currently LSU's recruiting coordinator. Why would he leave that??? Maybe he's jockeying for a raise??
user avatar
UptownnMike89 months
Would he be OC? Or do they have one
user avatar
Mr Fusion89 months
The Oregon/Orgeron similarity is confusing.
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