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Shortly after multiple reports came out that Notre Dame's Everett Golson was interested in transferring to LSU, the Irish quarterback tweeted out this:
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Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson has reached out to LSU about transferring for his final year of eligibility, according to a source.

Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson, who played against LSU less than a week ago, is interested in becoming a Tiger. The senior, who is scheduled to graduate in May, has reached out to LSU about transferring there for his final season of NCAA eligibility.

Golson, who helped the Irish to a 31-28 victory against LSU in the Music City Bowl, could join the Tigers with immediate eligibility for the 2015 season. The SEC lifted its ban on allowing graduate transfer students last May.
After leading the Irish to the 2012 BCS Championship game, Golston sat out the 2013 season but returned in 2014 to pass for 3,445 yards and 29 touchdowns with 14 interceptions.

For LSU to considering the transfer, the school would need to receive a waiver from the SEC since Golson was declared academically ineligible and missed the entire 2013 season.

During the Music City Bowl against LSU, Golson split snaps with teammate Malik Zaire and completed six of 11 passes for 90 yards.
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KiwiHead110 months
3445 yards in a season is nothing to sneeze at and with a stable of really good running backs in Fournette and Williams he could see his turnover ratio go down
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skinny domino110 months
3,445 yards - 29 td's and 14 ints for 2014 - pretty good looking stats
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bherm1988110 months
Can't throw? 3,445 yards and 29 touchdowns is more than Jennings could throw for in 3 years. He would be a senior so you could devlope Harris 1 more year and have a QB coached up by Brian Kelly and Cam. I would like to see him come hear. He would have to protect the ball more but he would be asked to do less also.
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lsusportsman2110 months
I'm kind of indifferent on this. Part of me is saying no because he is a turnover machine and i want to see Brandon Harris get a shot, and part of me wants him to come because he's very talented and can light up the stats sheet.
user avatar
jg8623110 months
( with a stable of really good running backs in Fournette and Williams ) I think it will end up being Fournette and Guice by the end of the year...
user avatar
colors_of_kings110 months
Let him come. BH would learn a lot from him, not to mention the competition in practice would elevate making everyone better.
user avatar
Navytiger74110 months
3500 yards but can't throw?

Brotha please.
user avatar
WhoDatNC110 months
He would make LSU a final 4 contender immediately.
user avatar
Lee to Toliver110 months
user avatar
RaginRed110 months
who cares ALL the eligible underclassmen have already began to jump ship...AGAIN!
user avatar
schwartzy110 months
If Miles truly thinks Jennings is our best option, then please God make this happen. Golson threw 3x as many yards, and he can actually make reads in progressions. A capable offense will help a young defense decimated by the draft, it appears.
user avatar
Mulerider110 months
Why would anybody say no? If Harris is not good enough to beat this guy out then why would you still want Harris on the field? Harris is obviously significantly faltering if he is not good enough to beat out arguably the worst QB in LSU history in Jennings.
user avatar
pellietigersaint110 months
lets get Driskel too. Geez....
user avatar
gatortrav88110 months
nd went down the shitter after the fsu game
user avatar
gatortrav88110 months
and his qb play was a big part of it
user avatar
JAF65110 months
@Everett_Golson5: Don't believe everything you hear.

user avatar
Woopigsooie20110 months
Yea, he's an impact player all right. Turnover machine. 30+ turnovers in two years as starter.
user avatar
monsterballads110 months
30 turnovers in 2 seasons and people are clamoring for him to be a QB in LSU's under center offense? well ok
user avatar
Doug_H110 months
For all you people complaining about his INT's, for comparison the only reason why Jennings has less is because he threw the ball less because we had to hide him because he is not good....Golson threw picks sure, but he also has the upside of touchdowns and throwing the ball down field which Jennings does not.
Golson 427 attempts with 29TD/14INT for 3,445 yards
Jennings 227 attempts with 11TD/7INT for 1,611 yards
Their rushing is basically a wash, so seriously, which would you rather have???
user avatar
purpleleaf110 months
Don't see it happening. Only spring practice to learn the plays. Hell even the coaches don't know what they are doing. Nah, not going to happen.
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