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Brody Miller with The Athletic is reporting that Notre Dame defensive analyst Kerry Cooks will be joining Brian Kelly's staff at LSU.

His role on the coaching staff has not been revealed just yet.

Cooks has primarily coached defensive back and was on Kelly's staff at Notre Dame as cornerback coach from 2010-2011 and was promoted to assistant defensive coordinator from 2012-2014. Here's a look at his coaching resume:

Nimitz High School (Irving, Texas) (2003) – Asst. Coach
Kansas State (2003) – Graduate Asst.
Western Illinois (2004) – DB / ST Asst.
Minnesota (2005) – DB
Wisconsin (2006–09) – DB
Notre Dame (2010–11) – CB
Notre Dame (2012–2014) – Co-DC / CB
Oklahoma (2015–2016) – DB
Oklahoma (2017–2018) – ADC / DB
Texas Tech (2019) – S
Notre Dame (2020–present) – DA

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I do not care how you spin this, Kerry is a downgrade from Raymond. Name one DB this guy has landed that compares to the names on Raymond's resume?
Reply1 month
Ok I will spin it. In the last two seasons LSU’s DDs have been the worst group on the field. Opposing WRs running through LSU like crap through a Goose. TEs uncovered while running DEEP routes. Run support lacking over and over and over. LSU’s pass defense was rated 91st last year and worse that that in 2020. All this while the “Great” Corey Raymond was DB Coach. If he isn’t responsible for that they wtf was he doing? Tell me how the blame goes elsewhere?
1 month
I sure as hell hope this guy is not a replacement for Raymond. You got from an analyst to replacing Raymond? Would be amazing promotion. If BK doesn't get another elite recruiter to replace Raymond then he's going to learn some hard lessons fast.
Reply1 month
Like another besides one of the most Nationally respected recruiters in the country, as in Frank Wilson? If this new staff can get the top OL recruits at their positions or at least some of the top guys as well as some guys they believe can develop into that, land good QBs consistently and fill any holes we may have in Louisiana or on the depth chart that coming year then we can stay right here in Louisiana for 85% of our teams talent and win championships! I fully believe that! You can almost guarantee that we won’t have any trouble landing CB’s, Safeties, RB’s, WR’s and most years DL’s and LB’s. I’m sure Wilson alone could handle landing a couple of DL and LB prospects nationally when needed and CK along with Davis could handle landing the OL talent we need to make consistent playoff runs here at LSU. Coach Kelly has always had really good QB play from what I can remember as well. After these next few years at LSU with the talent we will have, that should improve as well.
1 month
Raymond was vastly overrated.
1 month
It’s so typical of LSU fans to bash our football head coach before he ever coaches a damn game. I bet Ed O is saying, now these people are your problem and glad it’s over! Our fans can absolutely be the best fans in the world but they can also be the most stubborn, loud, paranoid, misinformed and spoiled fans in the entire country. If we do keep Daronte Jones on the staff then he would have plenty of expertise to coach either the corners or the safeties up while also overseeing what everyone on the defensive staff is teaching and how it’s being taught. Maybe, just maybe CK asked Daronte his opinion on coach Raymond and he told CK that he could do a better job teaching the players what they need to be a top defense? He’s definitely got the experience and the reputation as a great DB coach! Raymond has been here for a very long time and you can ask anyone if that is a good thing within an extremely competitive business! People can get comfortable and complacent while never realizing it. Its human nature. If you love LSU, you want LSU to finish this recruiting class strong, and you would like the Tigers to start strong next season, then you need to trust this guy and try to look at things differently, like from Coach Kelly’s view of this team!
Reply1 month
I agree we need to let CBK at least coach a while (2-3 years) before we start questioning his decisions. But don't expect LSU fans to not be stunned at Raymond leaving. I think the hand writing was on the wall when CEO hire an OLIVER coach and paid him almost double what Raymond was earning as a 10 yr coach regared as one of the best around.
1 month
Online coach not OLIVER. FN autocorrect.
1 month
Since the announcement of BK, and all of his decisions on coaches so far with the exception of Frank Wilson, I am incredibly underwhelmed. I don't understand how you lose and then replace the most accomplished DB coach in the game with a guy who couldn't cut it at OU and TXT. Maybe he'll just coach Safeties or something. I want to be optimistic here but Coach Kelly is not making it easy. Maybe the OC and DC hires will make up for it, but I'm not holding my breath.
Reply1 month
No one cares what you think. Has it crossed your mind that Raymond wanted to leave?
1 month
So in your wisdom all LSU needed was to fire Orgeron then bring in Frank Wilson and keep everybody else and everything would be Golden? Sure. Got it.
1 month
Read this asking what about Corey Raymond as breaking news saying Raymond is leaving for UF.......
Reply1 month
Yes!!!! A former Texas Tech and Oklahoma Defensive Coach, those guys are great!
Reply1 month
Well what has the current staff done in the last 2 years and that includes Corey Raymond.
1 month
He worked under Stoops not Lincoln you clown.
1 month
If Kelly is smart he will keep Raymond, atleast for one more year. Or possibly make him recruiting coordinator. Jones is 50/50. Hopefully Kelly at least sits down and talks to him to feel out his skills at DC.
Reply1 month
Keep Cory Raymond. A must keep.
Reply1 month
Your wish is not granted
1 month
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