Empire Graphics released this new concept helmet for LSU recently on Instagram.

_empiregraphics: Basic LSU helmet with ghost tiger stripes. I did this this one a few months ago and forgot to post it. Hopefully I'm not "copying" someone. Let me know what you think? I'm working on some Michigan Wolverine gloves next. #lsu #lsutigers #lsufootball #lousiana #tigers #nike #ncaa

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Redbone106 months
Roll the LSU forward to let the L clear the rear vent. Otherwise I don't get too wrapped up in fancy stuff. They could make this '75ish helmet in my mancave a little safer and I'd be happy with that.
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ljhog106 months
Not good.
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im4LSU106 months
That's atrocious. Leave it alone.
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Ihateflorida106 months
This is awful... It's our current helmet with some tacky stuff layered on top... Completely lazy from a design perspective
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biglego106 months
It looks cool and LSUs uniforms could use a freshening up. There's nothing sacred about the current style and it's been changed before. Maybe even add some gold instead of just yellow.
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coonass27106 months
I wish people would stop talking about "the pro combat game" like its a yearly thing. Pro combat is the new style uniforms all teams are using now. This was a promo thing done by Nike for the testing of the concepts they created before they released them. Only Oregon, and a few teams that feel the need to change up things for a game have "special uniforms". This is done by the school and maybe a competor like under armor or Adidas to try and stay reverent . there are no more "pro combat" games
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UserName69107 months
I think it looks pretty awesome. And no, I'm not saying we should change our helmets. They are perfect the way they are now.
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TGFN57107 months
Looks like something I scraped off my shoe.
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SoulGlo107 months
Not bad... for one game. If lsu ever makes a toonces agreement for something like this I would disown them
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panterica107 months
Get off mah lawn!! Rabble rabble
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TheCaterpillar107 months
Looks terrible
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LesTiger107 months
I like it!!
user avatar
Run DMC107 months
I like it. But for one game only on the Pro Combat uni game.
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Tiger inTampa107 months
White face mask and reflecto shield......what a concept
user avatar
SeauxLeauxHeaux107 months
Looks exactly the same
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Nix to Twillie107 months
Ugh. No one's changing anything! It's called CONCEPT ART. Some of you need to have a drink, get laid, smoke a J or something...lighten up!
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FlyingTiger85107 months
I want our regular helmet but in purple for a few games
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Malaysian Tiger107 months
We have the No.1 Helmet and why does everyone want to change it?? Leave the Helmet alone!!
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pellietigersaint107 months
if you dont think this looks good, then you should page doc brown to bring you back
user avatar
blueboy107 months
People act like the changes are to be modern, hip and cool in getting with the times, but it's just a series of deals for designers and apparel manufacturers.
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