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During his radio show on Thursday night, Alabama head coach Nick Saban talked about LSU freshman tight end Mason Taylor who he tried to recruit to Tuscaloosa. Per SDS:

“I like coaching when they’re on my team better than when they’re on somebody else’s team,” Saban said during his weekly radio show on Thursday ahead of the Tide’s road game against the Tigers. “We actually tried to recruit Jason’s son here. LSU did a good job, they got on him early and he’s gonna be a really good player.”
Taylor has 19 receptions for 178 yards and one touchdown on the season.
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PureBlood16 months
"Taylor has 19 receptions for 178 yards and one touchdown on the season."
Go ahead and 10x that for next season
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Tigers4Lyfe16 months
190 receptions for 1780 yards?
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Areddishfish16 months
Which is insane because it feels like he has gotten way more receptions and yards than that.
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Barbellthor16 months
Wow, that much? I know he's a phenom in the making, and definitely improving. It just feels like he's averaging 1.5 receptions/game with about 120 yards.
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cajunmud16 months
I don't think I've ever seen a TE like the guy from GA, Brockers, I believe. That guy's a freak. That's who Taylor needs to set as his example.

Didn't the guy that left here, Gilbert I think, go to GA? Boy what a mistake that was haha!

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jscrims16 months
He has some debilitating mental issues that has prevented him from getting on the field. Wasn’t a mistake him leaving, he needed to be closer to home to get help.
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Blutarsky16 months
That’s what Saban does…

Sign people that you want so they can be on his bench instead of your team.
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ce schwartz16 months
Bear Bryant did also back when no limitations on scholarships.
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Party At LSU16 months
Jason Taylor saw up close and personal how Nick Saban operates when he coached the Dolphins. He was never going to Alabama.
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Yeti_Chaser16 months
Solid reporting
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NPComb16 months
Feed him the rock.
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TNoon16 months
Block his access to the transfer portal?
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Miss3Channels16 months
This aged well :)
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Ghost of Colby16 months
Saban is that good. In preparation for the game he knew M. Taylor would make the winning play, so he floated his name out there. Probably hoping the refs would call him for a phantom penalty.
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