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LSU head coach Ed Orgeron announced Thursday night that true freshman linebacker Tyler Taylor will start in place of Donnie Alexander who is suspended for the first half of the Syracuse game.

Alexander is suspended for the first half of Saturday's game because of his targeting ejection from last week vs. Mississippi State.

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TigerAxeOK77 months
Play the young guys. Get them good live action gameday experience. These young guys are going to carry the team next season. I was thrilled with both the Tyler Taylor and Jacob Phillips commitments, so I'm hoping to see a lot of both of them on the field.
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Laman197877 months
It seems like O is playing more for next season than this one sometimes.
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jeff7012177 months
Nah, he's putting the best players on the field now.....
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BayouBengal9977 months
They don't have to make the calls. Just line up and play football. When these linebackers understand the game they will be very good for us. I say take our lumps this season and play these guys. I don't understand how freshman can't study film. If you don't understand it on your own ask the coaches what to look for and understand it. Then when they aren't there ask the veteran players. If that's the norm then that has to change. We can't have freshman wasting a whole year of film study. If I were Aranda I would demand that these guys know how to study film. If you don't understand it then you ask, I'm sure they wouldn't mind helping these guys out. You have to know your players better than that. When Devin White said that in an interview I couldn't believe what he had said. The difference between this year and last was that he didn't really study film, and was just playing? No way I would let that go. If I'm the coaches I'm asking these guys real questions. Film is most important thing to a game plan. You can't just go out there unprepared.
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Lexman177 months
Another good opportunity for Taylor. I expect he will play well.
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Bottom977 months
Sit Donnie's arse out the rest of the season. Selfish arse player. Play the 3 freshman over him.
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BDJ77 months
Then listen to you grown arse men whine like counts because the freshmen are making mistakes. Yeaaaaaa, no thanks.
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LSUdude24777 months
I'd rather whine about Freshmen making mistakes then seniors.
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GoldenBoy77 months
Donnie was making freshman mistakes before he got kicked out so I'm all for a freshman taking his spot
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Barbellthor77 months
He'll be good.
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