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Campus Insider recently published post-spring practice bowl projections which has LSU making it to the National Championship game.

According to the projections, LSU will beat Boise State in the College Football Playoff Semifinal and play Ohio State in the National Championship in Tampa, FL on Monday, January 9th 2017.

CFP Semifinal (Peach Bowl): LSU vs. Boise State
CFP Semifinal (Fiesta Bowl): Oklahoma vs. Ohio State

CFP Finals (National Championship): LSU vs. Ohio State
The last time LSU faced Ohio State the Tigers won the BCS National Championship in 2007-08 with a 38-24 victory over the Buckeyes.
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user avatar
Tactical197 months
Not this shite again.
user avatar
JCinBAMA97 months
Next Year U
user avatar
GetEmTigers0897 months
I have always had hope for my Tigers even when a negative outcome was blatantly obvious.. I mean I was a sophomore who witnessed a truly amazing season during 2007, so I have very good reason to be positive. But over the last few years I have had that hope build and repeatedly die during seasons of high expectations, till I have become the very thing I tried so hard to never become, cynical about LSU football. I just have this bad feeling in the back of my head that we will somehow mess up this potentially championship-laden season..
user avatar
timm697146397 months
hope is wonderful , there is a lot of teams who dont have that, so enjoy it,its not our fault there only one team can be the national champ !
user avatar
biglego97 months
I don't see how LSU beats Bama much less wins the NC.
user avatar
LSUPHILLY7297 months
Watch the game when it happens...LSU will blow out Bama this year
user avatar
biglego97 months
Would be nice but LSUs offensive scheme has proven worthless against Bama, even with Mett
user avatar
Tamer of beasts97 months
exactly like the 07-08 season. Campus insider predicted us to beat Tennessee in the SEC championship then go on to beat Ohio St in the Nati. Hopefully its not as bumpy as that season
user avatar
Tiger Nation 8497 months
How did they forget about Clemson? Lol
user avatar
TheCaterpillar97 months
What a fricking terrible article to post.
user avatar
tigersaint7497 months
I like LSU's chances better as the underdog.
user avatar
Placebeaux97 months
LSU wins the off-season national championship again
user avatar
VesperiaLSU97 months
This playoff projection lost all its credibility when you Boise State's name in it, just lmao
user avatar
LSUfanNkaty97 months
user avatar
schwartzy97 months
We'd run over Boise State like a Mack truck
user avatar
tigerpawl97 months
Boise State, heh? Wow...
user avatar
skullopener97 months
Now how do I look past Boise!!!
user avatar
Sev0997 months
Not a lot of respect for Stanford, and I don't think Ohio State will be nearly as good next year. Boise will be a wildcard, but no chance an undefeated Boise St. gets in the playoff over a 1 or even 2 loss Clemson.
user avatar
Mouche33797 months
I completely agree with your assessment.
user avatar
c on z97 months
Not taking the bait this time.
user avatar
TigerOnTheMountain97 months
I read website and thought no shite the rant thinks LSU will a championship.
user avatar
ForeverLSU0297 months
Boise State? lol
user avatar
KennabraTiger97 months
user avatar
gotigers920497 months
Damnit.... You lost me at Boise St.
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