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During ESPN's "Get Up" on Friday, Louis Riddick double-downed on this opinion on LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels, who he believes is also worthy of the No. 1 pick in the upcoming draft.

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Caleb’s loud because it’s his only way to stay in the press with his name out there. His results didn’t match his hype or his mouth.
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EulerRules1 month
Riddickulously accurate.
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Deplorable Duke1 month
Caleb Williams will be the biggest bust in the history of ever! Even worse than JaMonkey Russell.
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jbird71 month
Daniel’s isn’t a head case like Williams. Case closed
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Westbank1111 month
Daniels is battle proven. He’s got the X-FACTOR that you can’t coach.

He’s a winner & went thru the gauntlet and carried his team, without him carrying us, we would have lost several other games. I’d 1000% take him over that other guy.
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mcspufftiger71 month
Daniels is a better leader. No doubt about it. And I believe his work ethic is better also.
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TigerLord20201 month
Jayden Daniel’s is a leader
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chadr071 month
I don’t even know why this is even still a debate. These people need to wake up and realize that there might actually be someone better than the almighty Caleb Williams. Daniel’s is hands down the better pick.
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Tigerwm231 month
Shouldn’t even be close.
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TaderSalad1 month
Caleb didn’t face near the competition that Jayden faced
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CP3LSU251 month
Luckily you’re not a GM by those standards
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Furious1 month
Caleb Williams will be a cancer to the team that picks him. He is a prima donna.

Jayden is the way to go.
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Strannix1 month
Muh ownership stake lol
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