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Towards the end of his press conference on Thursday, LSU head coach Les Miles talked about Brandon Harris and his performance against Auburn last season which was his first career start at LSU.

Harris was shaky from the get-go and completed only three of 14 passes for 58 yards, 52 of which came from a deep completion to Malachi Dupre.

LSU ended up losing to Auburn 41-7 but Miles said Thursday that Harris has progressed so much beyond that Auburn performance. Per

"He responded like a lot of quality men would in their first experience in college football," Miles said. "He's so much beyond that, it's not funny. It was youth, inexperience. He's much more comfortable now in his play and what we'll ask him to do. I don't there's the surprise on game day which would be the call."

Miles said in the week leading up to the game, Harris was far from perfect. LSU trailed 31-7 at halftime and allowed Auburn 566 yards.

"He was improved, but he was still picking it up and having a difficult time," Miles said. "It wasn't just his fault. We didn't have good quarterback play but certainly our defense didn't play well either."
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he wouldn't have said that if chief was still on staff
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Did he also talk about the piss poor play calling that set Harris and by extension the team up for failure?
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