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ESPN College Football Analyst Kirk Herbstreit announced his Early Top 5 College Football teams for 2016, and pegged LSU at No. 3.

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Tigah Jr98 months
I see he is still trying to make up with Les over the "Miles to Michigan" saga.
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AlabamasSalaryCap98 months
this is a little ambitious. I'll take it.
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Lsu10120598 months
On paper its not a bad call. We return one of the most talented teams and have some substantial depth at the important positions.

Unfortunately going undefeated/1 loss takes a lot more than just talent.

Hopefully this team gets hungry.
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reauxl tigers798 months
What is with Herbie's love for LSU?
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ajewe1198 months
He's basing it off of 9 returning starters on offense and defense, as of now. And the #1 recruiting class in the nation.
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wish i was tebow98 months
It's because Lsu is loaded and should be top 3. But if we run the same 15 plays every game we will lose 3 games again.

We have better talent to run what Clemson is doing. Watson is really good am obviously proven to be better than Harris at this point. But that system is what Harris would excel in. We have a better line and better skill positions players. But instead we are gonna trot out 3 tight ends and play inside a phone booth.

Rant over.
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Mulerider98 months
LSU has superior athletes at every position over Clemson except one. Anybody wanna take a guess at which position that is?
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WARBOY98 months
Until Les adapts his offense, it's not gonna happen. Remember Herbie also had LSU ranked as his #1 for a while earlier this season.
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CatsGoneWild98 months
Lsu going to the 'ship
We gonna spank a depleted bama team at home
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Freaky_Robber98 months
I can't do nothing but praise Herbie, he stay repping for LSU!
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Bamasuks98 months
"LSU has superior athletes at every position over Clemson except one. Anybody wanna take a guess at which position that is?"

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atltiger648798 months
same QB, same OC, same HC. Same results probably.
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jayboy50498 months
Thanks for the love Herbie..... But seriously, if we continue to trot out a spread quarterback (BH) to run a pro style system then the results will be the same as last.
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PhilipMarlowe98 months
Where's a&m?
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