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During a recent episode of his podcast, Joel Klatt of Fox Sports listed his ten most important college football games of the upcoming season and picked LSU's opener vs. USC in Las Vegas to lead off his list. Per On3:

“I think USC and LSU are pretty similarly positioned within their conferences,” Klatt said. “Which is, a bit of an unknown. We believe in their coaches… We believe in their locations… And yet, we still don’t know in the new iteration of these conferences — where are they going to be at?”

Klatt believes USC winning this game would be big for the Big Ten, changing the perception of the conference in terms of the number of teams making the College Football Playoff. The same can be said about LSU due to the marquee nonconference win and a favorable home game schedule.
Klatt's Top-10, in order of the season:
1. LSU vs. USC
2. Colorado at Nebraska
3. Texas at Michigan
4. Georgia at Alabama
5. Clemson at Florida State
6. Ohio State at Oregon
7. Georgia at Texas
8. Missouri at Alabama
9. Ohio State at Penn State
10. Michigan at Ohio State
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KennabraTiger6 days
Missouri at Alabama?
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You know the big 10(18) homer would pick Ohio st. 3 times.
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If i were him, I'd list Ole Miss at LSU. Winner of that game punches their ticket to the playoff IMO. That is a prove it game. LSU beats Ole Miss, i don't see them losing at home the rest of the season (home games vs Bama and Oklahoma remain). If Ole Miss beats LSU at home, they might be going 11-1 and in the SEC championship game.
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BayouFann10 days
2&8 do not belong!!!
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DoubleDown10 days
Missouri at Alabama will be a top 15 matchup if not top 10 for both schools. Missouri was REALLY good last year but overshadowed by Bama and UGA.
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Gus Tinsley10 days
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Honestly no one knows what to make of bama. They could roll or have 4 loses before November.
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foj198110 days
Missouri at Alabama??? Wtf?
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DoubleDown10 days
Missouri was a VERY good team last year. Dunno what to tell ya. If UGA has a slip up, Mizzou could be playing in SEC Champ. Guess there’s no more east/west though so who knows.
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Shiftyplus110 days
And it's in Vegas. Not the Rose Bowl, or the Superdome. Not L.A. Memorial Coliseum, or Death Valley. fricking Vegas.

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Locoguan010 days
Colorado game is important because when he loses to Nebraska, Sanders will be exposed as a fraud who just won at FCS because he had FBS players.
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You mean like how him and Matt Rhule played each other last season and Rhule was blown out the building? You mean like despite losing their best player for 3 games and their QB for a game, they were within a TD of winning 3 of those games? If people stopped hating Deion and pay attention to how a team with a horrendous defense, worst OL in the country, and missing their star player for 3 games almost won 7 regular season games last year from 1 win the previous, maybe they'd be worth listening to.
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denvertiger9 days
Almost won 7 games?! I mean, that’s the lament of every loser, isn’t it?
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saintslsupels10 days
Colorado vs Nebraska hahaha
user avatar
Crusty10 days
He lost all credibility right here.
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NFLU710 days
It’s a good take, idk about 2nd most important but big game for sure. If Colorado wins their early games, the schedule does set up to win 7-9 games and the same can be said for Rhule and Nebraska in a new B1G.
user avatar
MT55510 days
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