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Former LSU center Kevin Mawae received an interview by Les Miles for the offensive line job, but it is being reported that LSU has hired Virginia Tech offensive line coach Jeff Grimes for the job.

Mawae sent out the following statement to various media members:

"I did have a rather lengthy interview on Sunday morning, and in no way did I think it was just a 'courtesy interview'. It was (Tuesday) that I would not be the guy, and just this morning read that the position has been offered to Jeff Grimes of VaTech."

"I do not believe my knowledge of X's and O's was a deterrent, rather (coach) Les (Miles) and Cam's (offensive coordinator Cameron) desire to have a coach who has proven to place players in the NFL. I am thankful for the opportunity to have interviewed for the job at LSU, my alma mater and I hope that Coach Grimes, or whomever they officially announce as the next O-Line coach, is everything that LSU needs and what Les and his staff wants in both a coach and a recruiter."

"Again, I want to thank Coach Miles and Coach Cameron for their time and the consideration they gave me! I will always Love Purple and Live Gold, Forever LSU! GEAUX TIGERS!"
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Roux-Roux121 months
yes, he is way too awesome to pass up....I think he makes some impact but should be considered as an investment over the long haul
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TheDoc121 months
make him the TE coach and give ensminger an admin position
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classictiger121 months
Second everyone who says Les needs to find a spot for Mawae!
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OzChuffnugg121 months
Forever LSU!!!
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Gulf Coast Tiger121 months
Classy guy
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JimmyHDeridderhigh121 months
Les definitely reads the boards. :pimp:
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GeauxTigerTM121 months
Good move by both Les and Kevin in this case. Glad he got a real interview and glad Kevin handled the rejection with class. While he may not be the guy at THIS POINT for the OL coaching position, if he's truly interested in being one sooner rather than later maybe he's up to being part of the staff in another capacity with the opportunity to move up?

Can't imagine anything bad from having Mawae as part of the program...regardless of the capacity.
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NYCAuburn121 months
classy guy
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timm6971463121 months
I would like to have him aboard , I know that coach Miles had a list of qualications that his new coach had to fill and I think it is great that he had a plan and stuck to it But it would be great to have the man some where on our staff !
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idlewatcher121 months
Would've been great for recruitment. Still a great rep for our program!
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tigerbait1.6121 months
future HOFer. and one of the great representatives of LSU
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toratiger121 months
Find a place for him.I remember him crying after a bad season.He wants the best for LSU
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LSUnowhas2121 months
LSUTigerBait07 couldn't be more correct! They need to find a spot for him on the staff.
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ForeverLSU02121 months
Class act
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Chair121 months
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LuzianaFootball121 months
I believe he could tear it up on the recruiting scene.
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LSUTigerBait07121 months
There has got to be a place on the staff for him, make it happen Les!
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