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During Friday's SEC Championship Coaches Press Conference, LSU's Ed Orgeron told a great story about how focused quarterback Joe Burrow is for Saturday's game vs. Georgia.

According to Orgeron, Burrow's parents have been trying to call him but can't get through to him because his phone is broken. When they told him they wanted to get him a new one Joe told them he doesn't need it...

"I don't need a phone," Burrow told his parents. "I got a game to play this week."

Q. This game has long been a showcase for the conference of Heisman contenders. How have you been helping Joe work through any of the individual pressure he might be feeling given all the buzz around him?

ED ORGERON: Joe and I are very close. I don't have to say much to Joe. I want to give you an example. Derek Ponamsky, who does a tremendous job for us, told me last night that Joe's mama and daddy were calling him, and he wouldn't answer the phone. I wanted to know what's going on. Well, Joe's phone broke, and the mom and dad said, we're going to get you one. He said I don't need a phone. I got a game to play this week. So that goes to show you the focus and the leadership of that young man and what he's done.
In a day in age where everyone is glued to their cellphone and would go crazy without it, it's refreshing to hear a story like this.

Go get 'em, Joe!
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fatboydave51 months
7pts ain't enough!
user avatar
HoustonGumbeauxGuy51 months
Like a MF boss.
user avatar
Lithium51 months
How’s he going to get on TD?
user avatar
AustinKnight51 months
A different breed of a different kind of animal. Very refreshing and oh GA is F'd...
user avatar
TigerNOLAGirl51 months
That's my quarterback! I love Joe Burreaux!
user avatar
DRTiger6751 months
user avatar
SoulGlo51 months
Burrow staaaacked Uga fuuuuucked
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tigerfoot51 months
And he plays for a fan base that bitches about cell service while he is playing the game.
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UnAnon51 months
We bout to drop a 50 bomb on UGA aren't we ?
user avatar
wesman2151 months
Fuk ye!
user avatar
Revelator51 months
Joe has those intangibles that are very rare and can’t be taught. He’s self disciplined, focused and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the goals before him. We are so fortunate to have him wearing purple and gold.
user avatar
LSU Coyote51 months
He just doesn't want to answer Olivia's calls.
user avatar
Zeek51 months
Can you imagine the amount of calls that he receives on a daily basis. He probably broke it on purpose. Stay focused Joe!
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CaptainJ4751 months
I just upped my bet on the over and the tigers
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Bamboozles51 months
TigerRee got mentioned in CEO quote.....wowww
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OGTiger51 months
Burrow for Governor!
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CanebreakCajun51 months
That is our fricking quarterback! Geaux Tigers
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sml7151 months
It could also just be a typical kid making excuses to his parents about why he’s not answering his phone, lol.
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TDsngumbo51 months
Joe is no kid. He’s a machine. Our machine.
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