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During Monday's press conference, head coach Ed Orgeron was asked if he was confident that he could keep passing game coordinator Joe Brady at LSU after the season:

Q. You kept Dave Aranda from Texas A&M, are you confident you can keep Joe Brady from leaving and what might that entail?

ED ORGERON: You know, just this is Joe's first full-time job. And I do believe he's very loyal to LSU, I do believe he likes what's going on at LSU, and obviously we're going to compete to keep him. A guy like that is going to have opportunities, but we're going to compete as best that we can to keep him. All those things are going to happen after the season. We want -- Joe's worried about breaking down Ole Miss's coverages right now so he's not even thinking about that stuff. But after the season, we have coaches that are going to get chances to go elsewhere, but the ones that we want to keep we're going to fight like heck to keep them.
Orgeron also commented on the outstanding job that offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger has don this season and vs. Alabama on Saturday:

Q. As a freshman my first LSU game was 1977 Ensminger was the quarterback, Carlos Carson caught five touchdowns it was 77-0. We never thought we would see what we're seeing now though and I'm just curious, because he was already here we can't talk to him, but what does Steve say about how this has been and his role in it and what would you say about him the conversations you're having and his role?

ED ORGERON: About the job he's been doing? Phenomenal. He's like our general in there. He's steady, Steve doesn't want any credit, Steve loves the LSU Tigers. I'll never forget the day that we hired him, I mean we named him offensive coordinator and he said, I'm going to do it and people don't believe I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it. And he's doing it. And I think it was a great victory for him. Coming back on -- well going on the plane I told him how I felt. I felt that we got our guns loaded, we're going to win this football game, I felt confident and I told that to several coaches. And when we got back there was, I guess several thousand fans at the airport and he said, Man, I ain't never seen nothing like this before.

So he's very proud, but he's humble, he's on to work today, don't want any credit, just on to work, let's go beat Ole Miss. Steve's very mature, very smart. He's a team player. He's let Joe be involved as much as I've ever seen an offensive coordinator let a passing game coordinator be involved. Very unselfish. Much like our team.
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We all know Brady will be the LSU OC next year. A very well paid OC.
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On the comment of Joe Brady being loyal: Ex DB and loyal alum Ryan Clark said he was at an airport I think and he received a call from a unrecognized number and the caller said he liked the purple hooded blazer Clark was wearing and that he had to get one and that caller was Joe Brady. Look I know how important OC Steve Ensminger is to the team but let's be very real Joe Brady is the reason we have a record breaking offense, a Heisman leading QB and the reason we finally beat Ala-freaking-bama, let's face it the credit should go to Coach O. Coach O had the understanding that OC Matt Canada wasn't the one, I mean how many HC's would admit they made a mistake after a first year hire? He promoted Ensminger and put his ego aside and hired Brady, remember people he was taking a huge chance on Brady who never had a full time coaching job, awesome foresight it's like Coach O had a crystal ball and let's not forget he pursued and convinced Heisman Trophy leading candidate QB Joe Burrow to sign and the rest people is history. I said all this to simply say pay what ever it is to keep Joe Brady he is avenue to signing those 5* QB's we need to continue to compete with the Alabama's, Clemson's and the Georgia's of the world. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!
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nobody better EVER underestimate the influence that LSU passion can have on a program. Coach E (I remember admiring him when he was playing and i was 10 years old) will die any death he's asked if it's on the LSU sword. Joe Brady may be the wunderkind but with Coach E it's the mix of old (but effing SPRY as hell) and new that makes this combo magic. and it IS magic, if not pure-a$$ Bourbon Street Voodoo. Either way, it's a situation where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And who better than to contribute to that situation than Coach E? LSU faithful better give that MFer his due. He didn't even want this job. i mean, whats the upside? make a few hundos a year and get run out of your lifelong town if you don't win the CFP year 3? coach E is a baller. and i think Brady gets that. Brady is gonna make his money. And he should. But that MFer better never forget that Coach E and others paved the way and made it possible for him to do that. Long live O, E and Joe B!
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Thank you Coach E
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write the check to brady.....he has it....we need it, and have needed it for a long time.....we got it when he got here. so give the man what it takes to keep him at LSU...
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Sounds like there will be a couple of other coaches who may have opportunities elsewhere that Orgeron would give his blessing other words he wouldn't fight for them. Any ideas on who that may be, or am I reading too much into what he said?
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I couldn’t guess but “the ones that we want to keep” I believe Woodard might have some guys calling begging for a chance to coach at LSU where they can do their job and not be micromanaged.
24 months
Frank Wilson is about to be unemployed. Got to make room.
24 months
F. King better have a blank check ready.
Reply24 months
Feldon doesn’t have a dog in the fight.
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