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LSU coach Brian Kelly spoke with the media on Thursday after the Tigers' first day of spring practice and was asked about former quarterback Walker Howard who transferred to Ole Miss this offseason.

Kelly also talked about quarterback Garrett Nussmeier who is a "week or so" away from being full speed after "some corrective surgery."

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Double Down12 months
I honestly completely forgot that he left. I guess I’m not as invested as I used to be.
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jrobic412 months
honestly completely forgot that he left. I guess THE PLAYERS NOT as invested as they used to be.
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PureBlood12 months
3rd string Howard is now 4th string Howard. HE chose poorly.
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What surgery
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TommyDaTiger12 months
He broke his dick baw, needed to get a proper cast on it but all went well and is healing now. Will be back for the EAtME at the latest for sure. Can’t be running around with a broke dick with those cats on the field!
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burke98512 months
sounds like a promise while being recruited was broken
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mdomingue12 months
At LSU or at Ole Miss where he may end up in exactly the same position he left?
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FLBooGoTigs112 months
Howard is tigerbait!!!
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deuce98512 months
He can be really great but he needs years of development. Has the physical ability but he doesn't have the nuances to play QB mentally yet. Would be funny if he gets developed by Kiffin, he leaves, then Howard transfer back to LSU to start.
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soccerfüt12 months
Walker, Howard Texas Ranger
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VerbalKint12 months
More like Walker Coward!
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BayouTiga12 months
Who - Bye Bye Felicia!
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