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ESPN's Brian Griese was on SVP & Russillo Radio today and said that "Tyler" Prescott and the Mississippi State Bulldogs will knock off No. 8 LSU in Tiger Stadium this Saturday. Here is what he said:

"Watching LSU's offense on tape the first couple of weeks, they haven't been explosive. Anthony Jennings is their guy but he hasn't been very good throwing the ball down the field. Travin Dural has made some plays that have been off schedule... Jennings gets out of the pocket, breaks a tackle, scrambles around and Dural makes three different moves and then gets open and they make a play... but thats not the kind of offense that Cam Cameron wants to run.

I fully expect in this game- is going to be two backs, down hill running attack from LSU and thats the kind of game that Mississippi State on defense wants to play.

They are big on the defensive line, Benardrick McKinney, their Mike Linebacker is 255-pounds and all he wants to do is be a sledgehammer in there. I think this is the opportunity for Tyler Prescott to go on the road, with the playmakers that he has, to be tight in the 4th quarter and finally get that win."
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user avatar
cwil177115 months
Well this is awkward.
user avatar
11thACR115 months
MS is about to Learn a Hard Lesson about Defensive Speed...
user avatar
jscrims115 months
You do know they are just trying to hype up the game since it is on primetime ESPN. Gotta get the viewers interested in watching the game.
user avatar
LuzianaFootball115 months
It's clear that everyone has spent more time watching our opponents on tape hoping that they could be the guy to say I told you so. Some people just go against the grain to be different and some don't have an opinion of their own.
user avatar
More beer please115 months
Clearly he hasnt seen a single one of our games nor looked at film
user avatar
lsuhunt555115 months
So typical of ESPN jackoffs. Most of them just want to be right.
user avatar
Ghostfacedistiller115 months
On SVP yesterday he also said that Ole Miss could be similar to Oregon State.
user avatar
BayouBengalBoy115 months
Bayou Bengals are the real deal! LSU 28, Dogs 13
user avatar
TIGERhype115 months
Move along, nothing to see here people!
user avatar
XKEnut115 months
He's right about Jennings
user avatar
LSUzealot115 months
What exactly did he say that's bad journalism?
user avatar
abellsujr115 months
If I'm Miles, I'm showing this to the team for motivation.
user avatar
LoveThatMoney115 months
Man, this is just a blatant case of bad journalism. I saw this on ESPN earlier today and I just had to laugh. The guy clearly has never watched a single game played by LSU today. He's never even seen highlights and it's clear.
user avatar
tigerbutt115 months
British journalist recently beheaded. No news here.
user avatar
Storm22115 months
How can nobody see the sarcasm of TD? It's "Dak" not "Tyler" Prescott. I hope David Fournette and Larry Hilliard have huge games for the Bayou Lions!
user avatar
Oh Lawd115 months
user avatar
bherm1988115 months
uh oh watch out a 255lb linebacker LSU has never seen one of those. hahaha
user avatar
MattLSU115 months
LSU fans complain that Jenning's can only throw the ball downfield. Brian Griese "Anthony Jennings is their guy but he hasn't been very good throwing the ball down the field." That's poor work.
user avatar
SabiDojo115 months
Averaging almost 11 YPA isn't good? The drugs at ESPN must be fantastic.
user avatar
Mulerider115 months
Hunter looks like an absolute animal in that pic!
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