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ESPN's Greg Ostendorf took a look at the biggest weakness for the five College Football Playoff contenders in the SEC (LSU, Ole Miss, Georgia, Texas A&M, and Alabama) and says the biggest weakness for the Tigers is the "lack of a passing game."

Of the 128 teams in FBS, LSU ranks No. 124 in passing offense. Only Air Force, Army, Georgia Southern and Navy have thrown for fewer yards per game than LSU. Clearly, the Tigers haven’t had to throw the football with Leonard Fournette rushing for more than 200 yards per game, but at some point this season, Brandon Harris is going to have to make a play. Is he capable? Can he orchestrate a comeback if LSU were to fall behind? Harris played his best game last week against Syracuse, throwing for 157 yards and a touchdown. But even then, he only completed 50 percent of his passes. He’ll have to do better as the season progresses.
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Bmath104 months
All teams experience drops.
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tiggerthetooth104 months
No! Our passing game would be prolific if not for drops! Drops are the reason we've had no passing game the last 5 years. This is clearly just a Les Miles hater with an agenda. Those stats are probably fake.
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Phil2012104 months
This is why I pay absolutely no attention to national A holes! They are too ignorant to even consider their
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SamuelClemens104 months
He did well as a true freshman against Mississippi State last year. Had he been put in earlier the Tigers win that game.
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Laman1978104 months
Harris has done exactly what has been asked of him and has shown up when needed. Very uneducated and lazy assessment of our passing game.
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Datbayoubengal104 months
I hate these half-assed analysts/journalists nowadays. He could have easily had some lackey make a cut of all of Harris' plays, or hell, all of the teams' QBs he wrote about, and judged for himself. Instead, he looked at stats and said, "oh well, he can't play for shite".

4 drops, 2 throw-a-ways, a batted down pass, and a pass that Dural could have caught if he wasn't jogging on the sideline. That Dural pass and three of those drops (Malachi got knocked out for a second so we can't really blame him) would have put him over 200. So more like 12/16 for 210 and 1 TD, zero turnovers.

IMO, he played great. If the players and Harris can finally start get in sync with each other, you're looking at 200 or more passing yards every week.
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blueboy104 months
Meaningless TD's? We had the ball at the end of the game, down less than a TD. I assure you MSU didn't think it was meaningless.
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cwill104 months
"Apparently we've all forgotten about the Mississippi State game in 2014."

It wasn't a comeback, it was meaningless TDs in garbage time with absolutely no game pressure.
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Guava Jelly104 months
Can he orchestrate a comeback? Apparently we've all forgotten about the Mississippi State game in 2014.
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LoveThatMoney104 months
Or the highlight should be the drops... Either way, putting it on the quarterback in this situation is the epitome of lazy sports reporting.
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LoveThatMoney104 months
"yeah, at least 4 drops. lazy reporting"

And 4 drops when you're only throwing 16 times in a game is 25% of your passes. If they're all caught, like they should've been, all the sudden his completion percentage is 75%, which is astounding.

Dumb reporting. The highlight should be that Harris hasn't yet really had to prove himself, although he did put together a nice drive while Fournette was out culminating in a touchdown pass when we really needed it and basically put the game out of reach.
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TigerWerm104 months
yeah, at least 4 drops. lazy reporting
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LSU Patrick104 months
"But even then, he only completed 50 percent of his passes"

Somebody didn't actually watch the game.
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