LSU released the 2014 Football poster on Tuesday and here is what it looks like:

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Here are the details if you would like to order one from
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TigerFanatic99115 months
They put the shitty ads on there to remind us of the scoreboard. how nice.
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otowntiger115 months
I HATE the font used for "LSU" I always have. I know it's what's on the helmet but I've always thought it looked cheap - like someone made it out of electrical tape.
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LSU2a115 months
"that is one shitty home schedule"
Yeah, but it does have a nice finale. I can't wait to watch the tide fall in Baton Rouge.
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Sid in Lakeshore115 months
Shitty home schedule and a shitty poster, IMHO.
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Kracka115 months
that is one shitty home schedule
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Hester Carries115 months
then you will love the helmet. You should check it out sometime.
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Tiger at Law115 months
Needs more ads, IMO
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marklsu115 months
I like the font used for "LSU"
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