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Darin Turner, a four-star wide receiver from Memphis, TN, announced Friday that he has de-committed from LSU and has reopened his recruitment.

Turner, a 6-4, 205-pound prospect from Central HS originally committed to LSU back in March of 2017, choosing LSU over offers from Auburn, Clemson, Tennessee, Louisville, and others.

The Tigers now have nine verbal commitments for the class of 202 with the departure Turner.

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For more info on Turner, visit his profile page on our Recruiting Tracker.


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tigerpawl59 months
It seems there is a disproportionate number of de-commits from LSU vs. other schools. Scorekeeper??
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biglego59 months
He committed 2 years ago, what was he, 15 yrs old? I’m simply shocked.
user avatar
Datbayoubengal59 months
Damn man, he was a beast. He's the type of guy that dominates at schools like Clemson and Bama.
user avatar
dbeck59 months
Rats, ship.
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Freddy23859 months
Making room Khi Mathieu or the Rummel kid I guess.
user avatar
HoustonGumbeauxGuy59 months
Same shit, diff recruit
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kkv7559 months
He's waiting until the NFL draft to avoid injury. It's the new college football world.
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MasonTiger59 months
LSU didn't "lose" anything. The headline should read "(Insert Athlete Name) Reneges on His/Her Promise to Play for LSU." Put the blame on the fickle kid, not LSU.
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SoulGlo59 months
How many percent was he committed when he announced?
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Cadello59 months
Respect my decision. Pretty sure LSU won’t beg you to stay with the talent still on the board.
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GeauxsomeMeaux59 months
Don’t “commit” until you’re ready to commit! If you want to enjoy the process, which I fully understand, then enjoy the ride, THEN commit when you’re ready to make a “respectful” decision!
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LSU FSU Grad59 months
Long way to December, but please do get your melt on!
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tigerbutt59 months
That time machine doing some work
user avatar
SomeLSUguy59 months
He was destined for the transfer portal anyways...
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Everyone has a right to change their mind but that doesn’t mean people have to “respect my decision” either
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Barbellthor59 months
The class of 202, huh? BC or AD? Either way we’re going to be offensively modern for the time, even if it is LSU.
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spslayto59 months
"the class of 202".... we are seriously turning back time.
user avatar
AMac59 months
We stacked at WR. He saw the writing on the wall. Bye
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jpcajun59 months
I hate this "Respect my decision" BS! Why respect it?
user avatar
CajnAz59 months
Why not respect it? What’s it to you what he does? I’m sure you will loose plenty of sleep over this. ?????
user avatar
StupidBinder59 months
@CajnAz because breaking a *commitment* isn’t something anyone should respect? That’s why we call it a *COMMITMENT*. If you are unsure, don’t commit. It’s pretty simple.
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lsusince6059 months
I respect people that stand by their commitment. Thus, I don't respect him.
user avatar
Genestealer5559 months
Bye Felicia
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