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Former LSU cornerback commit Jaboree Antoine revealed Monday that he will make his college decision on July 20.

The Tigers, Florida State, and Miami are his three finalists.

Antoine, a 6-2, 180-pound prospect from New Iberia, La. (Westgate High School) committed initially to LSU in January while on campus for the Tigers Junior Day recruiting event.

Antoine is one of the top cornerbacks in the country for 2025 and is rated the No. 2 player in Louisiana.

LSU currently has no defensive backs committed for the class of 2025.

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idlewatcher8 days
Hopefully Kelly doesn’t want him anymore. Decommits are the worst
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KCSunshine9 days
What these kids don’t take in to effect is when your resume includes LSU sports you are set for life in LA, whether you are a star or not. If u go to Florida or Miami u r not set in Florida or Louisiana. Fact
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Antoine, bruh? What the deal? I hope you juss gettin yo quick lil bag or some’n. If you left LSU to to to the noles or the canes at this juncture, I hope they gave you bout 6 figures extra guap for your family.
Don’t make no sense you from Louisiana and gonna run go play in a weak arse little league conference
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cajunmud9 days
I wonder if these kids' agents have factored in "fan backlash" in their NIL formula? Does the fanbase liking/disliking your client matter or is it only about the 000's?
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PureBlood9 days
"I'm gonna set a date to announce my commitment ONLY to invalidate that commitment so I can set another date to commit again. Respecked my decision"
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kdemon9 days
I would hope that he just wants to commercialize his commitment for NIL. Which means he could be back at LSU. In the NIL era, it is simply about exposure and money which there is nothing wrong with that but like someone said, people who decommit may show coaches and teams rhat the player is indecisive and/or flakey.

One thing you can count on is Brian Kelly will accept only guys who have the right attitude. I do trust Brian Kelly with our team.
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OilMan259 days
This shite is played out….just show me the depth chart in August
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saltytiger29 days
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mla010010 days
He comin’
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TKLSUMD10 days
He will go to highest bidder. Loyalty is no longer present in CFB.
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RESPEKK MY DEE CISHUN …. “ I want to thank God, my friends, my family…..and the school who cut me the biggest NIL check”
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LSUMBAgrad10 days
I smell an NIL auction from a mile away! He will probably hit the portal after year 1 to have another auction. Let him go!
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225Tyga10 days
Quit fricking around and just do the right thing and commit
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NotaStarGazer10 days
"that he will make his college decision on July 20" Sometimes you just have to laugh. I guess this is college decision 2.0 since obviously his 1st college decision wasn't definitive at all was it. Wonder how many "college decisions" he will make?
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Spankum10 days
Decommits go to the end of the line in my book. If there are scholarships left over after signing day, offer him one.
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heatwave10 days
It is confusing to have been committed to us, then to decommit, and then have us back in the top 3 on a relatively quick turnaround. Hopefully he chooses us but by the looks of it this ride won't be over anytime soon
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Godfather110 days
I don’t count on any of these kids being here until their name is on the dotted line. And even then, there’s zero commitment past the first year.
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grich319 days
Shopped his services after committing and got some big ?? offers so we shall see if he is great in his home state
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