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foshizzle87 months
It's great that he loves LSU but I don't think too many people are afraid another program will steal him away.
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Tigerfan23287 months
Ingrained in it eh? Is that why it took you every season and near your firing to get your arse off the bench and actually coach. Even when you try you still fail. Sad
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Dignan87 months
It almost seems mean not firing him by now. What is Alleva waiting for?
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The basketball program died easy.
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Mr.Perfect87 months
Get an LSU man cave like the rest of us
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airfernando87 months
Then he must really hate what he has done to LSU basketball.
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TigerSpray87 months
Time for Rick Pitino, not the son.
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KennabraTiger87 months
You're living in a dream world, son.
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c on z87 months
Kinda sucks that passion hasn't translated to wins.
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Hangit87 months
Many people who don't coach at LSU are die-hard fans. He can sit next to them next season.
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The Truth 3487 months
i feel for the guy. i really do, but it's time.
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LaBR487 months
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JumpingTheShark87 months
Duly noted....now hit the fricking bricks.
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Broham87 months
Guess that calls for a 10 year extension.
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